Monday, May 25, 2015

We Live in Deeds, not in Years Essay

Everyone wants to live a long life but very few people understand the meaning of their life.

Obviously, when one lives more than hundred years, it does not mean that his life is full of bright moments and sense. Many people live, study, work and do nothing special. When they die, nobody notices it except of their close friends and relatives. The main reason of this sad fact is that they lived in years but not in deeds.

There are people who lived only eighteen or thirty years but everyone knows them. Naturally, such people are famous artists, scientists, politicians or activists who contributed to their country, field of study or to mankind in the whole. 

They did something good in their life and people remember them and their good deeds. It is possible to say that a young person who has done many noble deeds receives more respect than the elderly people who have just eaten, drunk and done nothing exceptional. We must not respect a person just because she is an elderly one. We should respect those people who have left something important after themselves. This respect does not depend on one’s age. It depends on the number of one noble deeds. On the other hand, people are remembered for their bad deeds and crimes too. There are many people in human history who are treated as criminals and murderers and their names sound everywhere. Unfortunately, these people are spoken about with hatred and disgust. It does not worth mentioning that such an attitude towards them is worse than oblivion.

When one wants to improve his life, he should start doing noble deeds. Our everyday life looks like routine. We get up early in the morning, drive to our workplace, spend our whole day there, come home, watch TV or surf the Internet and go to bed. We just eat, work and sleep. We do not have time for something really useful and positive. When one works all the time, he loses love for life. He does not travel or meet new people and his life becomes grey. People recall about their youth and lost potential when it is too late. No wonder, when such people die, no one notices it. Therefore, one should find time for something special and noble that will help him stay in human memory forever.

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