Friday, May 1, 2015

Essay on Origin and Diversity of Life

Physicists, biologists, genetics, other scientists, men of religion debate about the origins and diversity of life on Earth, the evolution of man. However, this dispute is not resulting in some sort of consensus, the theory that would not contradict known scientific and explain puzzling phenomena and religious ideas. Under the current model, there is no coherent picture of the universe; there is no driving force behind the development of evolutionary diversity of the living world and modern man.

Representatives of religion insist on the version of human creation and diversity of life on Earth in its present form. Archaeological finds do not confirm this fact. However, science, in turn, cannot understand anything they say.

Modern scholars do not accept Darwin's hypothesis, and that the diversity of the living world, the driving force of evolution is a blind mutation accident. Random mutation, merciless natural selection-and so on repeatedly until formation of humans, the diversity of life and species. Similarly, as a man not being able to play chess beats the world champion with random moves. This example of the meaningless randomness does not hold water. Rather the contrary - everything in nature has a reason!

Of course, mutations provoked by the influence of some exceptional natural disasters or genetic "accidents" can really occur.

And, as you can see, some ugly mutations in animals still occur. Error generates an error. Exceptions to the rules are never the general law. Already known and proven to be true: the truth is much simpler to the extremely complicated foolishness of science and is more open thane religious mystery.

Randomness does not explain the diversity and the evolution of the species. In the hypothesis of evolutionary randomness, no living things in the world have a scintilla of mind. If there is not anything like it. The arrogance of humanity, which defined itself as a "Master of nature" and the only possessor of mind, is immense. However, if having mind, you carefully look at the behavior of plants, insects, not to mention organisms that are more complex: fish, birds, and animals, it is evident that all the living is very reasonable! Very!

Sometimes, it is reasonable to the extent that people with all their knowledge and intelligence, they could not understand it. Numerous examples of conscious behavior of the living world in nature, that anyone can remember from his knowledge, observation, the experience of past years.

The affirmation that life is absolutely reasonable at all levels is the basis for the new theory of the origin of life on Earth, in support of the driving forces of evolution and explanation of the diversity of species on the planet.

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