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Cholesterol Essay

Cholesterol Essay

Lipids, Carbohydrates, and Proteins are macromolecules in the human body that aid vital body functions like digestion, producing hormones, and building new cells. With these molecules aiding the body as they are it would seem that our bodies could not get enough of these molecules, but like most everything else in the world, to much of a good thing can be deadly. The intake of macromolecules is no exception to the prior theory; the over-consumption of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins can cause major health problems in the fragile balance of the human body.

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Lipids can cause some of the worst health problems. A derivative of a lipid in particular causes most cardiovascular diseases throughout the United States. Cholesterol comes from foods derived from animal products and can also be acquired from the intake of saturated fats. Cholesterol in the body is measured by the amount High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), and Triglycerides. HDL is what they call "good cholesterol", the higher the level of HDL in the body the better. LDL is called "bad cholesterol" because it is the left over cholesterol that the body does not use after the digestion of food. LDL is circulated throughout the bloodstream until it is needed, unfortunately this cholesterol can collect on the walls of arteries and cause blockage in or around the heart. Triglycerides, the form in which fat is transported through the body, has not been confirmed alone in causing heart disease, but people with high triglycerides typically have high LDL and low HDL.

In the case of Mr. Estel, being in his twenties, he should have a total cholesterol count of two hundred with the amount of HDL being forty or above and the amount of LDL being one hundred and thirty to one hundred or below, and his triglycerides should be below two hundred to be at a healthy level for his age. Mr. Estel's does have a total cholesterol count below two hundred but not by much and his HDL's are almost to the point of being to low. Mr. Estel's triglycerides and LDL's are both low enough to be considered health but with his total cholesterol and HDL's at the level they are at he should be doing something to improve those numbers. To improve his stats he needs to reduce the amount of his cholesterol and saturated fat intake, increase his fiber intake, and exercise regularly. He may also want to speak with his doctor about the possibility of taking cholesterol-reducing drugs.

In the United States high cholesterol has become a problem for over one hundred million people. It would not be that hard for all of those people to lower their cholesterol if they would just learn a little bit about all the macromolecules including the category under which cholesterol falls. Macromolecules are essential to life but may also be the cause to an untimely death.

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