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Hangman's Curse Essay

Hangman's Curse Essay

The book I reed was called Hangman's Curse The Veritas Project volume one. This novel was written by Frank Peretti, he has as written the visitation, this present darkness, and the Cooper Kids series. There are many characters in this book like Elisha. She is the daughter of Nate and Sarah also a sister to Elijah. Ms Wythen one of two principals at the school, Tom Gessner was the other one. Carrillo was the security officer in the school when they hired him they received two metal detectors as well. There is also Todd Kramer, Doug Anderson, Jim Boltz, Leonard Bynes, and Amy these people all were victims to a sad, mad student. There was Sawna Miller a student meant to be hurt but wasn't instead Amy was chosen. And we can't forget Able Frye the school ghost. There was also Ian Snyder, and his friends/ followers who believed he could control Able.

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Elisha was not described much but I do Know she is skinny, she and he brother. Their dogs name was Mr. Maxwell he was a golden retriever. Ian was a Goth like outcast. Carrillo I imagined a large man with a stare that said death in every look to intimidate kids. Todd, Doug, and Jim were all athletes so I saw them as people who hung out with the cheerleaders. The perfect muscular men. Nate spring field was the only one described, he was described as a sheriff in an old western movie.

I see the whole Springfield family as a family were there was not much time to cry because they worked as a family doing undercover work. Ian was one who you could tell hated his parents and would never speak them with out putting some kind of hex on them. Ms. Wythen as a strict old woman who doesn't respect students as high as she should.

The first thing that occurs in this book is a drug bust. Elisha and Elijah befriend a boy named Marv. Who is working for a man in the city. Marvs job was to buy drugs and sell down town. Elisha and Elijah were there under cover. Nate and Sarah Springfield there parents, and police were waiting, listening to the conversations waiting till they pulled out drugs. The Springfield's always worked together as a family. They were a part of an under ground society that work in joint with the police. They were all about the truth. They were all strong Christians.

They were called into the school to do some undercover work. There was something messing with the students that the metal detectors did not find. It was believed to be a ghost, Able Frye. Ian Snyder believed he could control this ghost, but instead the ghost controlled Ian. Ian never wanted any one to die just to go crazy. The people he wanted o go crazy did and all went to the hospital. The only one that went crazy and shortly died was Amy who was a mistake. One of Ian's friends or follower wanted the ghost to get Sawna Miller.

Elisha, Elijah, their parents, and two teachers were in a part of the school referred to as the forbidden hallway. The legend was that a student hung him self in this hallway. Well they were hearing what they described as the perfect ghost sound. They tracked this sound to the old basement, were only Eilisha and Elijah could enter. They found five sets of footprints and they lead to an area with horrible drawings and Able Frye written backwards. Elijah who had become friends with Ian knew that the bottom of Ian's shoes matched the imprint made in the dust.

In each of the victims locker there was straw with the ends of them were clogged with sugar. Inside were remains of a spider, brown recluse. Or that's what they thought in actuality it was an African spotted wolf. A spider related to the brown recluse and if they mate together they make a breed called the brown spotted hybrid. These multiply by the thousands in just two days and make a victim ultimately go crazy and die.

If you are wondering were Able Frye came from then because there was no ghost. It was a ship that had the same spiders and caused the shipmates to go crazy. One of Ian's followers had painted a picture of Able Fray and everyone had seen it so the spider's venom caused them to have hallucinations and they would see Able Frye. The people who were sick from the venom all received a shot called AT490 that saved their lives.

The conflicts in this story were man verses man but also man verses nature. Man verses man because Ian and His friends were al ways made fun of. And man verses nature because the spiders. This books point of view was narrative it was a nararator that did not talk to the people but knew everything and could tell about the moods between people.

I thought this novel was the best I have reed. I have not reed a lot because I lose interest fast but this book kept me sucked in through the whole thing. It did not have a climax that only lasted a bout a paragraph then go into how they solved it was on going it was about seven or eight chapters. One thing I disliked was how the beginning started with a drug bust. It had nothing to do with the rest of the book. If anyone was looking for a good book to read one were they couldn't put it down I would have to say it would be this one. I would rate this novel a ten. I learned a lot from it and also enjoyed it and I do not enjoy reading so that must say something!

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