Thursday, September 15, 2011

Essay on Going to the Movies

5-Paragraph Essay on Going to the Movies

I love watching movies like most people do. But is going to the movies better than renting movies? I prefer renting movies and watching them at home. Going to the movies is a never-ending hassle because of the parking, prices and uncomfortable atmosphere.

The whole process of parking is frustrating. Once you get to the movies you have to drive around the parking lot slowly looking for parking. Not to mention you have to look out for people or kids walking. Then you have those drivers eager to find parking spaces.

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Once that is all over with you have to stand in along line waiting to buy tickets. Hoping they won't sellout of the movie you want to see. The cost of the tickets today is unbelievable. Now there are different prices for different age groups. You have the senior citizens, student, adult and children prices. To me that don't make any sense, you get the same seats and watch the same movie it should cost the same. After buying the ticket now you get to wait in another line to buy snacks. The costs of the snacks are also the same as the tickets.

The movie theater is so dark. It takes forever to look for a seat. Once the movie starts you have to watch all those unnecessary previews. It is really frustrating when you have to take a restroom break or another snack break. Leaving the theater and coming back to a dark, quiet room makes it harder to find your seat and by the time you find it you've missed an important part of the movie. Now the movie doesn't make any sense. The seats are so uncomfortable and usually have gum or spelled popcorn on them. The floors are sticky from the spelled drinks that where never cleaned up.

On the other hand, when you rent a movie it is so much easier. When you go to either Blockbuster or Hollywood you can drive up to a front parking spot. There is no need for you to drive around the parking lot watching out for pedestrians, or other drivers not paying attention just try to find a parking spot.

Inside there aren't any long lines. So there is no need to worry about selling out of the movie you want to see. A good aspect about renting movies is that they always have like six or seven of the same movies, so it is unlikely for them to run out. The prices are reasonable. The prices of the movies are about $2.99 no matter what age group you fall in. Only spending $2.99 you can also buy snacks, which will equal to the amount of one ticket.

While watching the movie at home, you can fast forward all those boring previews. And the best thing about that is when you need a restroom breaks or snack break you can pause the movie. That means you will not miss any of the movie. At home you can either lie on the bed or on the couch. You will be comfortable throughout the whole movie and you don't have to worry about sitting down on gum or slipping while walking to you seat.

Going to the movies is a never-ending hassle because of the parking, prices and uncomfortable atmosphere. By renting movies there is no dealing with all the frustration of going to the movie theater.

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