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Short Essay on Pablo Picasso

Essay on Picasso

Picasso was one of the most famous, influential and productive artists of the XX century. He created thousands of paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics during his seventy-five year career.

Pablo Picasso born October 25, 1881, to Jose Ruiz Blasco and Maria Picasso. He acquired his mother's name because he thought it was more unusual. Picasso was born and lived in Malaga, Spain until he was ten years old. Malaga is a city in southern Spain on the of the Mediterranean. He had two siblings, Lola, who was born in 1884, and Concepcion, who was born in 1887. Because Picasso's family was poor, they moved to La Corua, Galicia so that Pablo's father, who is a drawing and painting teacher, could acquire a better job.

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Picasso's artist career started very early. All of his paintings represent a certain period of his life. In Picasso's "Blue Period" (which is from 1900 to 1904) his paintings are characterized by many shades of blue to show the melancholy of his subjects (and his own). The people he painted seem poor and starved. Many people think the mood of these Blue Period paintings was caused by his friend's death, who was named Casaemas. An example of a painting from the Blue Period is The Old Guitarist.

Picasso also had a Rose Period, which is characterized by paintings that had shades of pink and gray. Many of his subjects in these paintings were circus attractions such as acrobats, clowns, and circus families.

Picasso married with his wife Olga in 1918, and they lived in Paris where Picasso became involved in sculpture. In 1936 he painted his most famous painting, Guernica, in order to respond to the Spanish Civil War. In the 1940's Picasso became involved in communism. He married again to other woman, Jaqueline Roque, and they moved to Mougins, France. Here he produced more works of art until he died in 1973.

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