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Essay on Alexander McQueen

Essay on Alexander McQueen

Born in London in 1969, leaving school at 16, Alexander McQueen stepped into the world of fashion. Creating and manipulating his unique designs with his talented skills, McQueen mastered 6 methods of pattern cutting from the 16th century and tailoring skills which today have given his McQueen signature. Also dubbed "enfant terrible" by the fashion press.

Receiving British Designer of the Year in 2001, 1996 and 1997 and also the recipient of many more awards, Alexander McQueen is recognised as one of the most successful talents in the fashion industry and is known world-wide.

McQueen and His Collection

Unique designs, stunning effects, powerful collections and a revolutionary designer. Put it together and you have Alexander McQueen! Varied views are shared among us from newspapers, fashion press to the internet fashion sites. Not always are the views good but a view is always present when it comes to Alexander McQueen. Some might say he was like Marmite, "You either love it, or hate it."

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Styles the "Enfant terrible" have brought to us are varied every season but just as exhilarating as his last flair. As we see here is an outfit from the Spring/Summer 2003 collection which is a mixture of flimsy frills and tough leather or P.V.C. To me i would regard this as a typical McQueen signature because of the powerful colours like chocolate browns and calm creams which i think produces a nature on the model.

This glitzy vest and skirt is also another Spring/Summer 2003 style, unlike the first outfit, this one would be more likely to be seen on the streets because of it's Summer explosion and brighter colours and lighter fabrics. The sexy outfit lights up a dark street and leaves its statement of energy.

Along side is an A/W 1997-1998, titled "It's A Jungle Out There" focused on animal instincts and powered danger against a derelict urban environment as McQueen's influences. Made from traditional fabrics - Suede/leather looking animal skin jacket produced in a light brown possible reflecting a animal colour. Along with tight tie died trousers to show that jungle that is out there.

McQueen and Givenchy

Alexander McQueen silenced and dazzled Paris with his first show for Givenchy combining his mastered tailoring skills and his hard-edged street style. McQueen prepared ten collections a year for Givenchy, while continuing his own label. On the left, you can see a typical piece of McQueen's work, this outfit is a really admiring piece, an intelligent form of contrast between hard and soft textures in produced here. Along side is this intellectual suit McQueen produced for Givenchy, it is very sharp and parallel unlike his own style.


In my opinion Alexander McQueen is a unique, stubborn and a satisfying designer. His work is somewhat in "trend", altered and duplicated to evoke this sensual birth. For this, I like and admire McQueen and his style.

My findings have entertained and intrigued me- McQueen's first collection for Givenchy slated even by himself, "I know it was crap," he told US Vogue in October 1997. But at the same timed has inspired many people over the world.

Defiantly regarded as a, "one of a kind," McQueen reflects many of his designs on conflicting appearances which brings me to show what I think might be one of his most unusual yet elegant designs I have seen.

"Tragic shipwrecked banshee - frail tulle combined with gilt piping that decorates heavy melton jackets and trousers. A pregnant skinhead and vogue fashion editor model together."

I have also noticed how every single style is so dramatic, McQueen seeps at your eyes as they sink into the design provoking thoughts and ideas again and again.

Are McQueen's designs showing his true personality? Does this bring out the REAL Alexander McQueen? I Would answer "yes" to both because without showing personality and a sense of mortality then designs like these could not be created.

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