Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Persuasive Essay on Affordable Housing

Persuasive Essay on Affordable Housing

Did you know that since 1977, the median home price in the bay area has increased about 200%? In Santa Clara County about 38,000 new jobs were recently created; in that same time, only about 4,000 new housing units became available. More than 60% of employees in the Bay Area live outside the Bay Area like: Tracy, Stockton, Modesto, Antioch, Pittsburgh and so on because they can not afford the high priced housing in the Bay Area.

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What is affordable housing? To the federal government, housing is considered affordable if it cost no more than 30% of the monthly house income for rent and utilities. For example, if your household income is somewhere about $60,000 dollars a year then you should pay no more than $1,500 dollars a month for your rent and utilities put together. Another way to look at it is if you are in a sales job making only $12.00 dollars an hour then you should not be paying no more than $624 dollars a month in rent and utilities together. But as you know, that's way of the picture when it comes to the Bay Area. In order to be able to afford at least a two bedroom apartment in the Bay Area you have to earn at least $27.36 an hour. As far as the rest of the U.S., you can earn only about $13.87 and still be able to afford a two bedroom apartment. House Prices rise every year making it harder and harder for a middle class family to afford to live in the Bay Area. From last year 2001 to this year 2002 they say that the housing price went up 9.2%. In the Bay Area houses that were about $383,000 last year in 2001 are now about $417,000 this year in 2002. So you can see the difference in just one year. Think about how high housing prices and how difficult it will be to be able to live in the Bay Area about ten years from now.

Why build affordable housing and who needs it? People who live in affordable housing today want safe, decent housing for the same reasons that we all do. Those reasons are mainly to provide a nurturing environment to raise their children. Another reason is to remain in the community where they were raised or to become part of a community in which they want to settle. Finally, to live in an attractive, safe environment that they can afford. People who need affordable housing are ones that are employed as secretaries, school teachers, local government employees, restaurant workers and sales clerks. These workers need affordable housing because of the wide gap between what they earn and what housing costs. Others who need affordable housing are seniors and people with disabilities. Seniors have a hard time trying to affording housing because they have fixed incomes that they rely on such as pensions and social security. Disabled people are also living with limited incomes which makes it hard for them to afford a house in the Bay Area and need affordable housing.

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