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Fitness Appraisal Essay

Fitness Appraisal Essay

Since the first physical education course, we did tests in order to measure our strengths and weakness’ in many different categories. Those categories were separated in three parts such as: the heart rate, weight and height, the body composition and finally our strengths and endurance. Since I am now at our third and final gym course, it is now time to take in consideration this test and compare it to my first two. By doing so, I can make a conclusion about my physic and cardiovascular development throughout my collegial studies.

Heart rate/weight/height
Let me first talk about my heart rate. In my first gym class, which was fitness, my heart rate was exactly 80beats/min. I wasn’t much satisfied with it because I already had a lower heart beat when I used to do much more activities. But my lifestyle has changed since I left high school. Now I have to be more involved in my studies therefore it takes time on my dayly activities even thought it shouldn’t be an excuse. However, I worked very hard and in this first class and I’ve made good use of the machines that were available to us.

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The results could of being seen in my second gym class, were running was the main activity. This class was floor hockey. Since I improved my lifestyle during the summer and that this class improved my cardiovascular, my heart rate in the second fitness appraisal was a little bit better. It dropped to 76 beats/min. I was proud of myself but I knew that I could have a better one.

Finally, now that I did my last fitness appraisal, I’ve reached my lower point in the last two years. This point is now at 72 beats/min. however, in this third test I had lot more problem in my 3-minutes recovery after we did the twelve minutes run. In my previous two classes, my recovery rate was excellent but it is all the opposite in this one. I had a hard time to recuperate my breath. I concluded that it was due to my lack of activities in the past couple of month and also due to the fact that in the golf class we don’t do much running.

Now, as long as my weight is concerned, I’ve gained twenty pounds in two years. I’m now at 140 lbs. and I’m 5’7 as I was in my first semester.

Body composition
Since my height and eight are quite similar to my first two fitness’ appraisal, I’ll make a brief summary of my BMI and my % body fat. My body mass index measurements of my two first tests were quite similar. It turned around 20, which was low. It meant that I wasn’t healthy; I was underweight according to my height. Therefore I had to gain weight. That’s what I did in the past year. I went to the gym only for a couple of months and I’m now right on the spot with a 22 BMI. My % body fat is at low level. It is at 12.5%. Even though I gained 20 pounds, my waist circumference hasn’t changed. Since I weighted only 120 lbs in my lasts fitness appraisal, my % body mass was a little bit higher, but still, my verbal rating was low.

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