Monday, January 2, 2012

"The Chosen" Essay

"The Chosen" Essay

There are many important lessons learned when reading "The Chosen". I think that it teaches us that not much has changed over the years. The thing I think is most similar is how people stereotype other people. First impressions are important to a lot of people. Just because somebody belongs to a certain group, people automatically judge them. Weather it's based on race, religion, or social status, people always judge other people. Appearance is also important to a lot of people. People judge them by how they look.

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There are a lot of mean people that put labels on other people without first getting to know them. First impressions are important to a lot of people. This is wrong, but a lot of people judge others by the way they first perceive them. They make assumptions and put them into different groups without first getting to know them. Reuven did this with Danny in the novel while they were at the softball game. Heassumed that Danny was a bad person because he always hit the ball back at the pitcher. He believed that Danny did this on purpose. Danny misled Reuven, but without talking to him to ascertain how he felt, he came across as a hateful person. Appearance is another way that people stereotype other people. They wont talk to a person just because of how they look. If someone looks different, one can either go and talk to them, or just ignore them. Usually, it's the latter. Reuven shows us an example of this in the story. Danny tries to talk to him at the hospital, and he won't even talk to him. Just because he is a more devout Jew, with his fringes hanging from his pants, Reuven thought of him as arrogant and egotistical. He wouldn't even give Danny a chance to talk to him. Reuven thought that Danny was fake. He didn't think of Danny as one who would apologize. Later in the novel, he would find out that he was naive for thinking this. Him and Danny would become good friends. A way that the theme of stereotyping can be equated into our society today is in public schools. Everywhere you look you see sundry groups of students making fun of other students. Usually, they don't even know the person, or they just think that they are better than them. They have probably never or rarely talked to these people. Yet, they make fun of them because they are different. People get made fun of because they are different from everyone else. Wouldn't it make more sense for the different person to make fun of those other people because they're all the same? In conclusion, all people stereotype someone, at sometime. Weather you know it or not, you probably have stereotyped someone at one point in your life. This is how the world has been running for years. There have always been different groups. In a sense, it is good though, because if everyone was in one big group where everyone had the same views, there would be no need for a lot of the programs and organizations that are in effect today. 

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