Thursday, December 27, 2012

Secondary Health Office Essay

Secondary health office is the facility responsible for the proper and timely assessment and treatment of minor injuries that occur during normal (day) hours.

Speaking about the ideal secondary health office, I would like to note that I would have to meet the following requirements as show in the essay below:

  1. Location. The best choice for ideal secondary health office would be close to the main roads/highways so that injured patients could be immediately brought to the health office. Another thing that needs to be noted here is that health office needs to be located in close proximity to the places where most injuries occur. Such location will guarantee that patients will be delivered to the health office in no time and get the proper treatment there. Thus, the ideal secondary health office should be located in the place where it could be easily accessed as well as in close proximity to the places where injuries happen.
  2. Equipment/supplies/Storage Space. The ideal secondary health office should possess the right amount of equipment to cater the right needs of the injured patients. The office should remain aware of the most common injuries that happen in the area the office covers and thus should possess the tools and equipment needed to cover these needs. Should there appear some other needs that the office is not ready to meet, the office should be ready to provide a car/vehicle to transport the patients to the nearest hospital or clinic that handles such injuries.

In reality whenever the ideal secondary health office covers a school district it should be located on the school territory. Should a student report injury the office will contact his/her legal guardians or parents. It is for this reason the office needs to possess extensive database of information about students and contact information about them and their parents.

The needed medication is supposed to be kept inside the ideal health office. After the office obtains parental permission it should proceed with treatment. The medication apparently needs to be stored in original pharmacy containers for safety reasons and is to be used whenever needed. All health abnormalities will be reported promptly to students’ parents.