Thursday, June 23, 2016

Research Essay: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

It will not be a mistake to say that air conditioning and refrigeration belong to the paramount achievements of engineering of the 20th century. These inventions make our life easier, comfortable and beneficial. Air conditioning embraces such processes as cooling, heating, sterilization, humidification and dehumidification of the air. Refrigeration is the process of cooling of the enclosed space. What is more, refrigeration maintains stable low temperature in this space. Why are these inventions so notable? They enable people to enjoy their life creating suitable environment for them. Let us observe the strong sides of air conditioning and refrigeration on the specific examples.

Modern people cannot imagine their life without air conditioning, because it makes them feel comfortable and happy. This invention enabled people from every corner of the world to live in the proper microclimatic environment. Some people live in Africa or Australia suffering from extremely high temperature. Others live in Northern Europe, Canada or Russia in the unbearably cold environment. Air conditioning equalized these people. If you enjoy slightly cold weather but you live in Miami, you can make your dream come true with the help of a conditioner. When there is +40° C outdoors, you can easily create your own moderate microclimate at home. You can fix +20° C at home feeling fresh and cheerful. When there is -20° C outdoors and you suffer from cold, it is possible to heat the air in your apartment up to +25° C. Comfortable temperature is important for our everyday life. When you possess fragile and expensive technical devices at home, you should maintain the right temperature in your apartment to avoid their overheating. Secondly, temperature is important in industry. You ought to maintain the best microclimate at a factory or plant to satisfy your employees and improve their performance.

In fact, heating and cooling are not the only pluses of air conditioning. This invention is able to regulate the level of humidity in a building. Many people enjoy humid microclimate inasmuch as it keeps skin hydrated. However, there are many cases when the level of moisture must be reduced to the minimum. Think about museums, libraries, archives, laboratories, etc. Moisture is very harmful for paper and historical artefacts. If you want to preserve old documents and valuable books, you ought to pay attention to the temperature and humidity in the building. It is not a secret that museums and libraries fix quite low temperature and dry air to preserve their funds from damage. Moisture is the best environment for bacteria and viruses. No wonder, scientific and medical laboratories reduce the level of humidity in order to prevent contamination.

Finally, air conditioning helps us sterilize and ventilate the indoor air. When you paint something at home or use various smelly substances, it is important to clean the air until it is safe to be indoors. 

Then, many modern people suffer from allergies. The air is known to contain pollen, dust, fungi and other allergens. Air conditioning is able to removes these allergens from your house and you will feel healthy and comfortably at home.

Refrigeration is another paramount invention. Its value cannot be overestimated, because it had made our life much easier. The primary use of refrigeration is food preservation. Centuries ago, people used cold cellars to preserve food. Of course, it was difficult to construct a good cellar that would maintain stable low temperature. Moreover, many products require much lower temperature to stay fresh and tasty. For instance, you cannot preserve meat or milk in a cellar forasmuch its temperature is not enough low. Good cellars were expensive. There was hardly a household that could afford a deep and properly constructed cellar. Refrigeration solved this problem intensively. Nowadays we have small and huge refrigerators at home and we can preserve food there. We do not need to go shopping every day. In addition, fruit, berries and vegetable can be frozen and kept in a refrigerator the whole year. 

Refrigerators have enriched our ration. It has become easy to transport exotic fruit, vegetables and meat in refrigerators from the farthest corners of our planet. Refrigeration is vital for medicine.

Remedies, organ transplants and cells cannot be preserved without refrigeration. Therefore, this invention also saves human life.

Air conditioning and refrigeration are the inventions that are still underestimated. Very few people think about the usefulness of a common air conditioner or refrigerator for humanity. Comfortable microclimate, development of medicine and trade belong to the spheres that develop due to these inventions.

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