Friday, June 24, 2011

Short Essay on Race and Society

Essay on Racism in Society

The old man said to me, "there go some Negroes."

There could be something wrong with this man I thought to myself. How ignorant and self centered can that person be? I proposed to the old man that Negroes, neither better nor worse, than any other race. I figure that race pride is something I can't afford.

The old man shows his race pride by putting down another person of a different race. There are too many implications around the term race. I feel that the cause of race pride gives the effect of hell on earth.

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Now just think, if a Negro does something that would impress any person of the white man's race like taking on the sports world and becoming very well known. If the Negro does something like go to school and get a degree, both examples are considered a remotely strong impression that they should be proud of.

The selfish white man who still holds on to the dream that Negro's are out of the slavery decades have problems with their own well being. I have the drive to understand in my own mind to why some people are so ignorant and selfish towards the Negro man. In cause, the white man has no reason to put down the human achievement towards the greatness of accomplishment just if the person is of an opposite race from the ignorant white man.

Members of the white race which I inherited have given the foul cloud of smoke towards the Negro man ever since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. I can see it exist today.

As a member of my own race, I happen to be the one who supports the rights to be free no matter what your skin color is. I can't be responsible for millions of people's thoughts and aggressions towards the Negro. I know that I can view life by what I see and not what some other person seems to see.

How will the white man affect people by being ignorant towards other races? Well, the answer is in finding out that we are all the same color under the skin. Every time a person of another race becomes prejudice towards another race, he or she is spreading the plague of ignorance.

Pointing at achievements has nothing to do with the person and what color they are. Races in our lives have never done anything that could be worth classifying any color. Newton's law of gravity was not invented by a race it was Newton who showed the world what he knew mathematically. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb not a certain race. I figure, Negroes did not find the inner secrets of picking cotton, nor the secrets to playing sports so well. So a Negro can't be classified as someone who doesn't exist inside.

The answers to race pride is not a virtue, it is a terrible mind alter that develops ignorance in lives of millions. I believe that "race pride" has caused more suffering in people throughout the world than religion has.

I have met the best Negroes by being open minded to them and giving them a chance to show who they are. The reality is that were not any different on the inside. Some people have the dream that all of the modern world is evolved around race. I believe this will back fire in the near future to the ones who can't handle being individuals. This matter says a lot about our society. The race issue will become scarce, if we demonstrate "global pride" and not just "race pride." The true resolution to "race pride," will be determined by how well we work together.

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