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Discursive Essay on the War in Iraq

Essay on War in Iraq

In 2003, the U.S. army went to fight Iraq in order to destroy Saddam Hussein's reign and establish a new Iraq under a democratic reign. Ever since his declaration to attack Iraq, many organizations and millions of people all over the world gathered to protest against the decision and also to support it . The main reason that support the attack claims that Iraq is an important station in the international terrorism rachis. Other reason claims that although Iraq agreed to dispose their unconventional weaponry they did not do so, and above all they have continued the manufacturing of unconventional weaponry. That is a huge threat because Iraq showed several times that they do not hesitate to use unconventional weaponry. Also Iraq deceived the UN inspectors with lies about the weaponry that they have. It is essential to attack Iraq in order to increase the standard of living in Iraq and developed a new era in the Middle East. In addition, there are reasons that oppose to the decision to attack Iraq. One of them talks about hurting many innocent Iraqi civilians, as well as the ecological damage to will occur as a result of attacking Iraq.

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I support the decision of the U.S.A. government to attack Iraq. I think that the attack on Iraq is important and necessary. A major reason for attacking Iraq explains that Iraq has a big role in international terrorism. Peleg Menachem, a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the Israeli air-force army, explains that George W. Bush declares that the main goal of the war against Iraq is to destroy terrorism around the world. A smart move will be striking those who found those terror cells. Iraq is one of them. There is evidence of present major leaders of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. That evidence points to the direct relation between Iraq and Al-Qaeda organization and also connects them directly to the horrible terror attack on 9/11. As well, Iraq openly supports the terror attacks made by Palestinians and even sends money to Palestinians terrorists' families as a compensation for the loss of their children. In addition, many terrorists were trained in Iraq and several terror groups established their base inside of Iraq enjoying a full financial support from the Iraqi government. Therefore, attacking Iraq is a major and important step in the series of steps that are needed to be done in order to destroy international terrorism.

Iraq has a proven history of unconventional weapon use. They uses unconventional weapon during the war against Iran and against the Kurdish civilians that live in the north of Iraq. Also they used a chemical weapon against U.S. troops during the Desert Storm operation in 1991. Iraq showed the world they have the ability to use unconventional weapons without consideration if it was used on troops or on civilians. Since 1991, Iraq has succeeded in rebuilding a great part of the weaponry facilities which were destroyed during the Desert Storm, and also they have presented long-range ballistic missiles in army parades. Iraq was very close to successfully manufacturing a nuclear weapon. Those facts point to the risk that exist in Saddam's regime toward the Iraqi, Middle East and the entire world population (Peleg).

Peleg Menachem adds more:

After the Golf War, Saddam signed an agreement with the United Nations. The document stated that Iraq has to destroy and dispose all the chemical and biological weaponry reservoirs and the long-range missiles as well. Also Iraq Committed to stop the manufacturing of any kind of weapon. Iraq failed to fill the agreement. UN inspectors were sent to check the weaponry reservoirs in Iraq. They discovered that not only that unconventional weaponry reservoirs were not destroyed, as signed on the agreement, but also more weaponry are being manufactured and tested in underground bunkers.

Iraq has not fully cooperate with the UN inspectors. UN inspectors arrived with a list of suspicious sites that needed to be checked. The inspectors claimed that access was forbidden to approximately half of the sites on the list. This step showed clearly that Iraq tried to cover up evidence and hide information which related to unconventional weaponry in possession or in development. In addition, the inspectors claimed that the Iraqi government threatened on scientists and weaponry experts who worked for Saddam not to disclose any information on the weaponry that Iraq has. knowing that Saddam used, can use and most likely will use unconventional weaponry during war reveals the threat on the entire world in the long-run. It is very essential to disarm Iraq of any kind of unconventional weapon before it will be to late.

The humanitarian aspect is an important reason to attack Iraq and eliminate Saddam's dictatorial regime. Saddam ruled Iraq highhandedly. He used methods such as terror, murder and torture in order to depress the resistance groups under his regime. He used the army to depress the minority populations in Iraq. The standard on living in Iraq is very low. The Iraqi population suffers from lack of freedom of speak, freedom of the press and of course freedom of political gathering. Iraq is not developed as they should be. All the budget is controlled by Saddam and most of it goes to armament. Saddam's regime hurt the humanitarian aid given to the Iraqi citizens from external humanitarian aid groups. They supply drugs, food and other services to the third world countries. The U.S.A government and other countries believe that eliminating Saddam's regime would bring solid ground to developing Iraq as a democratic state and also opportunity to peace and stability not only in the Middle East countries but also in the world (Peleg).

However, there are several opinions against the attack on Iraq. One opinion on why the U.S. should not strike Iraq is stated by Shore Ofer, officer in the Israeli army:

And now there is a new war. A war against terrorism is on the line. Even in this war there is a very weak connection to the battle against terrorism, and a strong connection to other and darker motives. Even this war is managed by unstoppable politicians who want to redesign the area by their aspects with no consideration of the results. But even now, these politicians discover people who oppose to their decision; who say 'NO! to the war against Iraq'. People who say 'We refuse to participate in this war', and along with other millions of people around the world persist to say 'NO!' until this madness will stop.

Shore opposes the decision to attack Iraq, and he believes that the decision to attack Iraq includes a set of invisible different motives, as establishing a marionette government in Iraq or taking control on the oil sources in Iraq, along with the motives that the U.S. government presents. The war is managed by politicians who act without thinking or taking to an account the effect that the attack will bring. The politicians do not care about the loss of many innocent Iraqi civilians or about the ecological damage (oil, wild animals, vegetation) that could occur. Only their benefits from the war are in front of their eyes. Unless the war brings an immediate resignation from Saddam, the attack on Iraq would cause tremendous casualties among innocent Iraqi civilians as well as among Iraqi soldiers.

There are many reasons that support the decision to go to war against Iraq, but also opposing sides exist. Although the opposing reasons may be very convincing, one must keep in mind that Iraq is a pro-terrorism nation. History tells that each war that Iraq participated in was a result of Iraq's invasions, from Iraq-Iran famous eight years war until the invasion to Kuwait and attacking Israel in 1991. Saddam is a brutal leader who would use everything in order to accomplish his goals. There is no doubt that only a strong force from outside of Iraq, as the union of U.S military and Britain army, will change Iraq's current regime and will increase the chances to achieve world peace.

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