Monday, November 14, 2011

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Essay

"Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry" Essay

I started reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, I thought, "Oh great! Another book." After a while my interest was aroused and I wanted to finish the book to see what happened. Compared to other books I have read for school, this book is one of my favorites and one that I enjoyed reading. It usual takes me one to two weeks to read a book, but I read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry in only four days.

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The characters were very interesting, especially T.J., a troublesome young boy whom I found myself laughing at from time to time. The setting also helped the story seem real. In the early 1930's, the time the book's story took place, there was a lot of racial tension and this book depicts how such feeling can hurt someone and how awful it was for people to be treated so badly. The theme hits some people like a slap in the face, and, for others, it brings back childhood memories both good and bad.

I would recommend this book to any one. This book is a must read for those who like to read about history and those who like to read about how black people were forced to live in the early 1930's.

Anyone who reads this book acquires a new "appreciation" for the black people's heritage and also feels shame for how people used to think. Also the reader can see how much people have changed by accepting people no matter race, religion, sex, or culture. Anyone who is racist learns, from reading this book, just how much they can hurt someone and why they should not shun anyone because of skin color because deep down everyone is the same.

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry was written by Mildred D. Taylor in 1977 and won The Newbury Award.

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