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The Lord of the Rings Analysis Essay

Essay: The Lord of the Rings

Frodo, just a three-foot tall hobbit, embarks on a perilous mission to destroy the legendary One Ring.

Sauron the Dark Lord of Modor and the ring's evil creator has sent many of his servants, the Ringwraiths and orcs after Frodo. On his quest he has many trials, testing his courage, strength, and heart, but he is not alone. A fellowship formed of Gandalf the wizard, four hobbits Merry, Samwise, Pippin, and Frodo, two humans Aragorn and Boromir, Gimli the dwarf, and Legolas the elf. Together they will protect and help Frodo reach his destiny to destroy the ring forever and eliminate the source of all evil.

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Even though the Fellowship of the Ring is only a book, it depicts the ongoing battles of good vs. evil throughout history. Unlike the Fellowship of the Ring, many battles humans are faced with are, in fact, faced alone. Sometimes people reject the help of others and still overcome their obstacles. I know, because I did.

After just barely getting by in my 9th and 10th grade years at Mercyhurst High School I was, "asked to leave" to put it in a nice way. I was flunking more than half of my classes. Even after all the grounding periods and bribes for me to get passing grades, I never succeeded. The school, my parents, and counselors went to every extreme to help me but I always brushed them aside and promised a passing report card. Still I never passed all my classes and at the end of my sophomore year I was given the boot and sent back to Iroquois High School.

Starting off my junior year, I thought it would be a breeze. I expected Mercyhurst to be more advanced than Iroquois, so my problems were in the past, I had thought anyways. My classes were harder than I had imagined. Because of my past laziness, I was behind in all my classes. I struggled but for once I managed to just barely pass all my classes. My now humiliated parents were pleased to see I had passed for once but still dissatisfied that I was still not working to my potential.

Second semester had come and I was ready to work. I was ready to fight my battle, to fight the evil, to accomplish good. My four and a half month long battle was like someone ripping out each tooth individually from my mouth. After studying, taking tests, doing homework, and doing it to my potential, I had finally not only passed all my classes but also passed them with an impressive straight A report card.

Some people like Frodo's character may need the help of others to reach their goals, but sometimes you can learn more by accomplishing goals on your own. I regret not working hard in the beginning, but I have learned a lot from what has happened. In retrospect I have learned that you don't have all the time in the world to make mistakes because it will take too long to make up for the lost time. My senior year will be an even bigger struggle for me but if I keep focusing and working hard I'll accomplish what I set out to do furthermore pushing good over evil.

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