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Essay on Business Studies

Essay on Business Studies

Personal and professional motives for pursuing a Master in Business Studies
It is hard to overestimate the importance of academic studies in modern society. Pursuing an academic degree is an excellent prescription for social mobilization, personal and professional fulfilment and is a source of great intellectual satisfaction. However, choosing this route has some negative short-term effects, mainly concerned with its direct and costs, such as (sometimes rather high) tuition fees, limited ability to make a living and opportunity costs of building an alternative career. One should also remember that despite some evidences of good employment rates for college graduates, there is no guarantee for finding an appropriate job upon graduation. 

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Examining the roots of decision to attend a college, specifically majoring in Business, I would point out three main motives:
First, business studies have been evolved to a truly interdisciplinary academic approach. Throughout my studies, I will not focus on one narrow field, rather than gain theoretical and practical experience form different disciplines, ranging from finance and economics through law and reaching pure humanities such as philosophy and ethics. Thus, in the future I would be able to make a better choice of speciality and still have some basic familiarity with “whatever those guys in the legal department are doing”, for example.
Second, during the studies I could have the opportunity to nurture a social and professional network that will, hopefully, continue also after graduation. Such networking can stem from my colleagues, as well as my future school’s alumni, graduate placement centre and my professors, some of them also spend time on practice and may help me to achieve my goals.
Third, the content of much of the studies is highly practical and even vital almost to everyone. I will have a lot to gain from knowledge of, for example, personal finance and retirement management, leadership and accountancy.

The world is going global and so are labour markets. In his fascinating book, “The World is Flat”, Thomas L. Friedman suggests that in order to become “untouchable” (i.e. to have a job which is less likely to be automated, digitized or outsourced), the individual in Western societies must focus on several skills, which Friedman termed as the “new middlers”; these are, for example, collaborators, synthesizers and explainers (Friedman 2006). My intention is to invest in developing these skills, most of them are interpersonal qualities, as job-specific knowledge and abilities are much easier to achieve than personal skills.

Last but now least, I strive to use the opportunities given by my future college to learn and be fluent in at least one more foreign language, perhaps German or Italian. A comprehensible benchmark for my communication skills would be the ability to clearly and professionally express myself in business environment using at least three languages. 

For conclusion, I see numerous benefits on this kind of studies, in the sense of my professional development as well as the intellectual and personal added value. A business study is a unique academic opportunity which do not binds you to a certain professional path but rather offer an overview of the way people lead the wheels of economy.    

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