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Voyeurism Essay

Voyeurism Essay

Voyeurism at the heart of cinematic pleasure
Speaking about the definition of the voyeurism, it is generally refers to the disorder of sexual arousal.

It involves the act of observing people that do not even know about that fact, they are usually strangers, which are naked or in the process of disrobing, having petting or having sex. Masturbation usually takes place during, or after the voyeuristic activities. Voyeurism also includes listening to erotic conversations, also telephone sex.

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People watch films for pleasure. They are going in for watching for some things they lack in everyday life or simply to have rest. They search for something new and curious about the things they never experience.

Voyeurism in cinematography takes not the last positions. It is usually viewed from the point of the disorder when people can’t live without watching someone without permission, or disorder on the sexual basis when person’s successful sexual life wholly depends on the watching and sexual arousal can come only after that. Cinematography basically works for the customer. And it is rather hard to define why do voyeurism scenes are so common there. Everything is relative and nobody can surely define what can be called a disorder, but most evidently the reason is the following. When a person doesn’t know that he/she is observed he behaves naturally and that is the most valuable thing in each person’s life- being self and enjoying the present moment, which is the only one that is worth living for. And at the same time, the other person, voyeur, is not self-sufficient and seeks for stoling another person’s moment getting the highest pleasure of that process.

The one most complex movie of Hitchcock, Vertigo, there are many themes that come out throughout the film. After the first glance, voyeurism theme may not appear so obvious and main. In the film, the theme does not appear from the very beginning. Scottie is said to be a retired police officer. And to watch seems to be his everyday job. Policemen are constantly looking around for searching clues for this or that crime or accident. After his retirements, he is hired for another private position as a private investigator for his old mate’s wife. He becomes a perfect example of a voyeur, a private eye, who job is what else can consider a disorder- to watch.

There is a very firm connection between person’s activity and his further deeds. What is called a disorder, a person may be paid for getting double benefit. Movies with voyeuristic impacts are usually thrillers and hard to watch. It is something forbidden and that is always much more interesting. They are always psychologically deep and made people think a lot (American Beauty).
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