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African American History Essay

African American History Essay

The concept of struggle for freedom had always been central in the culture of the African Americans. This concept was viewed differently in different periods of time, though it always stayed central, no matter if passive or reactive. Pursuit of freedom by people differed in tactics, though was carried out commonly over the long history of enslavement.

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In the colonial times when obtaining of freedom was impossible African Americans did everything possible to preserve their unique culture no matter how much the masters forced their culture on them. It is due to those people who fought in that way for their freedom now we have access to a great hoard of this culture. In the years prior to and of the Civil War African Americans fought actively for freedom that they knew they were entitled to by law. Surely, the end-result freedom of the African Americans were not achieved only because of their efforts, while it was joint effort, of two poles apart societal group to get rid of a devastating institution of slavery. Nevertheless I believe that it is the persistent zeal of African American people to preserve their cultural values that forced the change in attitudes towards them within the rest of Americans. Not only had African Americans proved that they were capable of equal achievements, but even when assimilating in the already free American society, they managed to enrich it with precisions touches.

It is vital to learn about African American history and culture due to several reasons. First of all, it is a culture rich in authentic qualities, many of which the European cultures borrowed. Second of all, African Americans had made an immeasurable contribution to the foundation and development of the United States of America. Learning about the history and traditions of these people should be seen as a tribute to the effort they had put in into turning the United States of American into what it is right now. Finally, it is important to learn about the history of African American people in order to learn about the horrible unforgettable crime that had been done to them and understand that this should never be repeated in the future.
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