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Tiger Woods Affair Essay

Tiger Woods Affair Essay

Tiger Woods
According to, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods is a famous American golf player. He became a professional player in 1996 and has become one of the most important figures in the world of sports. “Tiger” Woods is 34 and married to a Swedish model, Elin Nordegren. He has two children: Sam Alexis (three years old) and Charlie Axel (one year old).

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Tiger Woods has become both an example for millions of young golf players and a very wealthy individual after winning at a number of championships. Despite of his fame, his private life has always been a private topic, which has never been discussed in the media. In 2009, however, the situation has changed and the image of Tiger Woods became less respectful and pleasant.

It all has begun the day after Thanksgiving, when a famous golf player became a victim of a one car accident. A celebrity was delivered to a hospital with the serious facial lacerations. Shortly after this accident, Rachel Uchitel, an American celebrity, has claimed to have an affair with a famous golf player. This claim was denied first by Tiger Woods and then by the Rachel Uchitel herself. However, other women have started to emerge, who claimed to be in a relationship with the “Tiger”. One by one they started to appear in the media, and in July 2009 The Huffington Post has stated that a number of the player’s mistresses reached fourteen. Among these women there were porn stars, models, and even waitresses. Four of them preferred to stay anonymous and are still unknown to the public. One of the “Tiger’s” mistresses has publicly apologized in front of his wife and has provided a press with the pictures, videos and text messages addressed to her by the player.

In February, 2010 Tiger Woods has given a public speech, which he has addresses to his friends, family and fans. In his speech he has acknowledged his guild and apologized for being selfish and irresponsible. He has also mentioned that he was in an inpatient therapy, where he was receiving a treatment (

Social Psychology Theories
There are several perspectives, from which psychology can approach the story of “Tiger” Woods. First, there is an issue of all the women who were having affairs with a given celebrity. Then, of course, an issue of a man, who, while having a wife and two children, has been entering a relationship with a relatively large amount of women. Several social psychology theories can be applied to this story and try to explain the motives behind the actions of all these people, who were involved.

“The mammalian way”
This theory was developed by Gary James and it explains several factors which influence relationships between men and women. First of all, according to this theory, women pick men and not the other way around. When it comes to a relationship, women play a dominant role in choosing a partner, and men do nothing but come under their ‘influence’.

Theory then claims that women are more willing to enter a relationship with the powerful, independent, and successful men. This claim is supported by the “Tiger’s” story. Here one can see that a golf player was having affairs with the women, who were completely different and with various occupations. All these women were connected by one thing- they were all attracted to a wealthy and famous person. In his thirties, a golf player has already gained a big success and has become one of the best players in the world.

A success of a man, his financial stability, and recognition send a message that he can be a powerful and protective partner for any woman. Another fact that he was married to a beautiful women, had two children and was able to save the marriage despite of his affairs, has also contributed to the image of a man, who knows how to control a situation. All these factors are powerful, when it comes to a woman’s decision toward choosing a partner for a romance and sex.

Gary James explains in his theory that most people’s behavior is instinctive when it comes to the relationships. In the theory a nature of a man is described an “urge to spread his seed”. An author of the theory assumes that a behavior of a famous golf player is somewhat ‘normal’ and could not be avoided without a previous knowledge of the forces, which instincts have on the person.

Reasons behind cheating
John Grohol (2009) has collected several theories of the different psychologists to find out what could be a possible reason for cheating. In his article, “Perhaps why Tiger Woods cheats”, he has mentioned that cheating can be caused by personality factors. He explains that people, who have different characters and personalities, tend to have more conflicts than those who are somewhat similar. He also explains that people feel more sociable through cheating comparing to those who do not cheat. This is especially applicable to a wealthy celebrity, who is used to receiving a lot of attention. There are people who do not understand how a man can cheat on a woman like Elin Nordegren. They say she is beautiful, successful, and independent. However, as was mentioned above, this is not enough for a healthy relationship between two people. Two personalities have to match in order to understand and value each other.

There is another theory, which is mentioned in the John Grohol’s article. It is an evolution-based theory, which assumes that “extra-partner relationships are natural while monogamy is unnatural”. This is a psychological factor, which makes people go for cheating without even understanding the reasons for doing so. In such cases cheating is usually explained by the boredom or an unsuccessful marriage, where a men and women find that they are more intellectual and creative comparing to their partners and seek for those who are similar to them from outside.

Even though there are many theories and assumptions concerning the case of Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, the real reasons of why he was cheating to his wife with so many women will remain a mystery not only to the public, but, perhaps, even to him. A majority of people who cheat do not have the real explanations of their behavior even for themselves. Now, as “Tiger” Woods has is receiving a treatment, he might understand a nature of his behavior, and it will help him to change his future behavior.
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