Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Facebook Mania Essay

Facebook mania is growing stronger. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Gothenburg. According to them, the big fans of the social network are less satisfied with life than their peers who do not have such inclinations. By the degree of destructiveness, experts compared Facebook with traditional forms of addiction.

The part of Facebook users encountering some psychological troubles is quite large. 85% of the social network users admit that Facebook is often the first site they begin a working day with. At the same time, half of the users are afraid of missing something important on Facebook, when they do not have access to Zuckerberg’s social network at least for one day. 25% of them admit that they feel "uncomfortable" in those moments when there is no possibility to visit the site and check what has been going on their friends’ pages.

During the study, conducted by Swedish researches, several thousands of respondents aged 18 to 73 years were questioned. The results showed that Facebooking might become uncontrollable habit. The majority of respondents visit Facebook pages every day without even realizing it and this form of resource utilization subsequently develops into a addiction," - says Leif Denti, doctor of psychology at the University of Gothenburg.

The expert also said that women are more prone to the Facebook mania than men, because the social network often causes them depression. In has also been noted that most users of the social network show only positive news on their pages. As a result, when reading the wall of your Facebook friends you get false impression that they live much more fulfilling and exciting life than yourself. 

Meanwhile, only 38% of Facebook users are willing to share negative information about themselves or share their experiences. A social network is a social tool that is clearly used to manage relationships with friends and family. However, users would not expose everything - most messages are associated with important and positive events.

The scientists have also found out that the average Facebook user spends about 75 minutes a day on the site. At the same time women spend on it about 81 minutes a day, while men only 64 minutes. 70% of the Zuckerberg site users surf Facebook pages every time they use a computer.

Not so long ago a similar study was conducted by Professor Christopher Carpenter of the University of Western Illinois. The scientist came to the conclusion that Facebook provokes antisocial behavior and exacerbates the tendency toward narcissism. The findings are published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences. The expert concluded that Facebook offers Internet users "hundreds or noncommittal social ties, which are subsequently replaced by people full of communication." At the same time, users are beginning to suffer from narcissism, that is, they are more than ever in need of approval and admiration from others. Subsequently, this leads to a pathological exaggeration of self-importance.

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