Thursday, January 23, 2014

Maximal Oxygen Consumption Essay

Testing Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2max)/Aerobic Capacity
VO2max refers to an individual ability to transport as well as consume oxygen throughout exhausted work or exercise and correlate to that individual cardio respiratory health or fitness.
The participant does maximal exercise test by use of a treadmill. The treadmill is normally calibrated so as to achieve accuracy of speed and grade. The subject does exercise to fatigue by use of Bruce protocol. Handrails should not be used for exercise. The electrocardiogram is keenly monitored continuously through the test. The maximal oxygen consumption is measured by an ergospirometric machine through a breath by breath analysis of the gas system. Before testing, pneumotachograph is calibrated by use of 3.0 L at different flow rates. 

Subsequently, carbon dioxide and oxygen analyzers are calibrated using known mixture of gas in line with manufacture’s specifications. To achieve maximal oxygen consumption the following criteria for exercise test should be used: Leveling off of oxygen gas uptake against work rate increase; ratio of respiratory exchange (VO2/VCO2) exceeding 1.10; and 90% achievement of adjusted age estimate for maximal heart rate.
The important parameters that should be documented from exercise test of cardio-respiratory include: METsmax maximum value by ergospirometer as well as software unit for testing exercise by use of Bruce protocol; the test duration; maximal pulmonary ventilation; maximal heart rate as well as RER (respiratory exchange ratio).

Regression analysis can produce the following equation: ml·kg-1·min-1 which is equivalent to 33.971+ (1.481 · time) - (0.291 · age) (SEE=6.18, R=.61). Both exercise time and age, as VO2max predictor variables, are statistically significant (p<.05) clarifying the R2=.368 (36.8%) of VO2max the variance. The maximal oxygen consumption a limit of an individual is, therefore, determined this equation for each student to fatigue within 8-12 minutes: VO2 = pulmonary ventilation stpd (NF x .2093 - FEO2).