Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Internal Memo Essay

TO: Paulette Seakens, Director of Carbon Neutral Investments and Enviro Associates
FROM: “Insert your name here,” Accountant Representative of Carbon Neutral Investments and          Enviro Associates
DATE: October 15, 2013
SUBJECT: Client’s Cashing Out
DETAILS: Carbon Neutral Investments and Enviro Associates, Chronological

With a lot of humility, I kindly request you to spare a moment and read this memo meant to inform you about a flaw mistakenly performed by the accounts department as one of our clients was cashing out. Before going deeper into the case, may I kindly inform you that a step to try and communicate to the client has been made though they are not showing any intentions to cooperate. Further steps will be taken to ensure that the reasons for his departure are outlined and acted upon with immediate effect. As mentioned, the client cashed out with a total of $14,000 as opposed to his rightful $4,000. This issue is being looked into and a comprehensive report will be relayed to you. The issue of the client leaving and why, is however, my main concern. I would like to enlighten you about how I intend to get in touch with the client to inquire more about the reasons for departure to avoid the possible loss of our client base and to resolve the miscalculation performed by out accounts payable department.

Personal Information Acquired during registration
According to our firm’s criteria for registration, a client must provide a set of vital personal information. Among them are their full names (with proof from national identification documents or passports), email address, active phone number, and current physical address among others. I have used his email so far but he has not yet responded therefore a further step of using the other relevant information will be taken (including next of kin and spouse information since he provided them and the evidence to back the information up).

Individual Retirement Account
The client also provided us with links to his retirement account that has all his information in the national data base. This will be a further step taken if the personal information proves rather unsuccessful. The retirement account can be traced since it registers an activity monthly hence where the funds were channeled from can be used to provide physical position of our client after which someone will be sent, with the assistance of relevant authorities, to have a word with him.

Individuals Account
We can also work with the client’s bank account; provided since it is the same one he sued to cash out. We have communicated to the bank’s manager and they accepted to assist. They can notify us every time the account has an activity (our IT department created an email link to the bank and his account portal). This will greatly assist us in tracking his whereabouts.

Freezing funds
The client’s bank account, after providing relevant documents from relevant authorities a section of our account books is willing to freeze funds of the same amount as the overpayment ($10,000). This will assist us in getting to him since he will be urged to visit one of the bank’s service centers for more inquiry and assistance (standard bank protocol). As this is done, we will be notified and our representative will be sent to inform him of the reasons as to why the funds are frozen.
After getting in touch with the client, we will strive to discover why he had to depart, where he channeled his investments (if he did), and why. Moreover, we will recover the lost funds and have relevant information as to where our services fall short.