Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Essay Writing on Films

Different countries appreciate different movies because of the cultural attachment they offer. The universal aspect about movies is their entertaining role and that applies to all communities and cultures of the world. 

Films whether watched at home or in the theatre tell a lot about the country of origin. The development of technology is the commonest in Japan and they use it to develop animations shown around the world. Japan has a long history with technological advancements and it does not hesitate to show what it has to the world through film. In the movie I watched, there was an open show of family structures in Japan. It showed the development of relationships within the family and the development of children in Japan. In that way I was able to learn that their culture is similar to mine, which made me feel connected to the structure people in the movie.

The lifestyle of the Japanese people is probably similar to that of people across the globe since they live together. They have a tight family bond and even after children grow there is the tendency of their staying in their parents’ homes. There is a specific family lifestyle highlighted to show its interactions within and beyond the family. 

Therefore, movies are a great way of knowing the history of other countries as it can help in understanding them better. It also promotes the development of closure concerning the lifestyle in a country with each location presenting a different aspect. When people from different countries exchange films, the world becomes easy to understand as films act like promotional platforms used for cultural exposure to foreign countries.