Thursday, March 20, 2014

Variety is the Mother of Enjoyment Essay

As an old saying goes: variety is the mother of enjoyment. We all know that excessive monotony is the enemy of all possible joy we may have in life. Monotony, which is often the results of the same old routine or the set of habits we filled our life with, completely eliminates our creativity, blocks our passion and deprive us of happiness.

Many of us complain of boredom periodically, all tired of the routine, amid the monotony there is no satisfaction. Boredom destroys not only the identity of the person, but also his relationship with other people. For example, scientists have found that one of the main reasons for the collapse of family life is routine. Needless to say that the cause of creative crisis, the fall in productivity is also the monotony and boredom.

Instead, variety surely satisfies your new demands and actual expectations, it enables you to dream, to wish and want new perspective. It allows you the creation of new schemes and solutions to situations, gives you new experiences and meet your expectations.

If you want to live a bright and interesting life, do not let your experience stagnate, do not feed the monotony, go beyond the already known and understood before you. Use your experience to as a reliable platform to search yet uncharted territory.

You have to push yourself to the activity unknown to you before. Do not wait for somebody to push you and do your own efforts toward variety. You can keep monotony close, just in case, you want to return to it one day.

Stay open to new and perceive the latest information, do not decline what you do not know yet, but try immediately understand or learn that new you have just met. The more you meet new that does not justify your expectations, the further you are from the monotony and the closer to the uniqueness and variety.

Following the unpredictability of life, you become mature in judgment, thought, and deed. The more experience you get, more versatile person you become.

One of the easiest ways to variety is reading. It is enough to read a couple of pages and you are immersed in a new world, "root" for the fate of the characters and experience a wide variety of emotions. Nothing to read? Go to the website of any publishing company. There is also a brief announcements, and whole review.

This will not be disappointed in the book and pick up a book as much as possible to your needs. Then you can buy it - right on the Internet. Want to save?

Download an electronic version or go to the library.

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