Sunday, January 4, 2015

Essay on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

I would like to say my opinion I’ve read recently: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. To say I hate it would mean to say nothing about how much I detest the novel: I know nothing nastier written on the topic of concentration camps, than this book. But let me tell what exactly I’ve disliked.

1. The image of Bruno. Even if parents sought to protect the child from the horrors of war and propaganda (although why?), the school has taught him to correctly spells "Führer" and to use "Jews." The nine-year-old German boy and was preparing to enter the Hitler-Jugend, marked on the map the battles on the eastern front, and knew by the heart internal and external enemies of the Reich. 

Moreover, the innocence of Bruno borders his stupidity. At first, I even suggested that he was a retarded person - this would explain the many oddities of the plot. But no! It was not the case: complex syntax, allegories, ability to dodge and right beside an unrelieved stupidity: I just can’t put these both ends together.

2. The prototype of his father, who was, with no doubt, R. Hess, the Commandant of Auschwitz, whose residence was so close to the camp that at the time of executions smoke from crematoria wrapped the building. I was curious to read the memories of Hess five children: how they perceived those things ... From Hess memoirs I knew: the SS officer would have to kill even a close relative, if it goes against the State or the ideas of Adolf Hitler. "The order is all that matters!" Those peoples were doctors, the doctors who killed children, the children who waited for help and believed them. 

There is nothing worse to it. I just can believe those people could feel any repentance.

3. Paul. It is well known that the Nazis used the prisoners as slaves at their homes, but most of these were non-Jewish women. A Jew, serving at the table… nonsense, the SS officer would have immediately died from disgust. Being a doctor, Paul would work inside the camp, they were very cautious with their resources. Moreover, for serving the officers and their families, a special group was selected, and a simple prisoner, even minor, could not be used in the commandant kitchen. By 1943, at Auschwitz there has already been the resistance; the Germans had to be cautious.

4. Many noticed that Hitler's arrival in Auschwitz was something hardly imaginable. It is difficult to see how the trip could be arranged at all. Himmler did visit the amp, but Hitler... maybe he was nothing else to do, as to visit a camp somewhere in Poland. Moreover, Eva Braun has been involved in the inspection, which in fact spent her lonely hours in Bavaria, in the estate of Hitler, and took no participation in politics and state affairs.

As a result, we have a very dubious plot, which, at certain angles, can even be insulting for the memory of our ancestors. I was waiting for the truth, which was replaced with agitprop from the series "what is good and what is bad.” It is bad to kill people in the gas chamber, but not because it is bad in itself, but because there is a chance that among those people there can be your own son.

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