Thursday, January 8, 2015

Essay on Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Everywhere we hear what excellent opportunities are given to those who chose to be educated abroad. However, the question always has a dark side to the coin. Will weigh all the pros and cons.

Let us first consider the pros of studying abroad.

Of course, a diploma in a prestigious college in Europe or America is what make your parents proud, gives you an advantage in finding a good job, not to mention the unique and unforgettable adventure, new acquaintances with representatives of different countries and cultures.

Education at a renowned University gives you such set of skills, which is much more practical than at any of your local institution. This means research, grants, and the opportunity to demonstrate and test yourself. But, besides all this, it is an opportunity to learn a new language.

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For this reason, many people choose to study abroad. After all, a foreign language is something you can always be proud of and today it is kind of standard for an educated person. When learning another language, you improve you native one. Choosing education in other language, you gain a distinct advantage in learning and subsequent job search.

And finally, if you decide to enroll in a foreign University, you will have an opportunity to not only work in your country. If you will be able to confirm your degree in another language, you can get a job where this language is officially recognized, and, therefore, it creates opportunities for career growth.

However, with all the positive sides, taking such an important decision, you need to be realistic. Therefore, you should consider and the complications that may arise.

What are those cons?

First, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance to enroll in a foreign University. In addition to the need to prepare documents, potential students should have basic knowledge of the language of the country in which the basic subjects are taught. Therefore, many of the applicants spend many years preparing for the education abroad.

Secondly, the cost of education in America or Europe are not acceptable for all. It sometimes far exceeds the cost of education, even in the most prestigious universities of your country.

Thirdly, many of the students exchange programs do not implement their advertising slogans. Some students have complained that they were obliged to seek work and shelter in a foreign country, as the company promises turned out to be far from reality.

And, fourthly, we must always remember about the difference in cultures and attitudes of their natives. Don't get upset because some of the residents of a foreign country, don’t like or don't understand you. This is quite normal, because you grew up in very different circumstances and traditions.

In addition to all this, you have to remember that even simple household situation (a late plane, the language barrier and the forgetfulness, etc.) in the tipping point could play a crucial role and bring you back home. So try to remain objective.

Thus, study abroad is not an easy task. However, after carefully weighing all the pros and cons you will always be able to comet the only correct decision.

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