Thursday, February 19, 2015

Essay on Consequences of Western Influence

The western cultural expansion to the East (Westernization) is an intensive penetration of Western European and American way of life, as well as related values, customs, characters and cultural artifacts (language, films, computer software, video games, books, etc.) to the Eastern European, Latin American, Islamic, African and Asian countries. There is no doubt that today English language, particularly its American variant, occupies a leading place in the world, pretending to be a global language. You also cannot deny that cultural expansion today is, above all, going through modern audio-visual media-television, radio, and cinema. The products made in the United States displaces local cultural products for massive consumption and artistic preferences. National film and television economies exposed to westernization, do not withstand competition, particularly, with American production. Especially apparent consequences of western influence are visible in the field of advertising.

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On the basis of the above, it should be noted that in the context of globalization, the efficiency of the western cultural expansion has increased. The main consequences of western influence are displacing local customs and traditions with the lifestyles and values from the other culture; the introduction and distribution of Western culture as universal, excluding others; seeking to achieve the cultural implementation of political and other objectives; the one-way flow of information from the "centre" to the "periphery;" the formation of the pro-Western culture elite in the dependent countries that should support the influence.

Globalization, the essence of which is the information revolution, has a decisive influence on all spheres of human life, economy, politics, culture, language, education, spiritual and moral development, inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations. All of these areas, getting involved in accelerating the pace of development and the exchange of information, acquire new features.

Globalization is first of all a western cultural strategy aimed at conquering and enslaving the "other" cultures. Globalization is the adoption of the western norms, values, and institutions, the western type of being as the need to act by all humanity. In this strategy, all the "none-western," both should disappear or take its modest niche in the established system of values.

Globalization as the dominant contemporary process of civilization, however, incorporates many of the properties of other global processes, introducing a completely new phenomenon in the human history, not as a simple extension of the integrational global trends existing before.

The principal novelty of globalization lies not in its scope and sphere of influence, although they are unprecedented, but in an apparent deliberate nature of globalization. At first glance, it seems to be a freely established, diffuse process, natural and independent of the will and intentions of people. The processes of this type cannot be random and sporadically created. Such processes have their initiators, their goal. Who, what, why, how initiates, supports and directs the processes of globalization, we can only guess and speculate.

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