Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Essay: A Brief History of Blogging

Modern people live in the age of information. There is hardly a person who can imagine her life without the Internet and its numerous advantages. Although, the Internet is an integral part of mass media, it has a great number of interconnected components that help users exchange information between one another. A blog is one of these elements. 

People use blogging for different purposes today. Some blogs play the role of personal diaries where people write about their daily adventures and experience. There are blogs related with business and promotion of goods and services. Finally, there are informative blogs that inform people about everything in the world. One can find any category or problem and find a blog dedicated to this issue. Obviously, there are millions of blogs in the Internet. They are connected with one another and create a wide community called blogosphere.

In brief, a blog is a site placed in the Internet that contains informative posts in chronological order. 

There are individual and group blogs that differ according to their content and intensiveness of posting. It is interesting that blogging has its own dynamic history. To begin with, this process is closely connected with the development of the Internet and its technologies. Blogging is associated with the first American blogger Jorn Barger, who introduced the term ‘weblog’ in 1997. The common term ‘blog’ was generated by Peter Merholz two years later in 1999. Of course, many programmers and common Internet surfers had created their own chronological websites before 1997. They wrote posts about their experience in chronological way. It is possible to say that these websites looked like the first blogs, though no one thought about it at that time.

In 1994, it was popular to possess a personal online diary. Nearly every writer, influential journalist and celebrity had his own website that contained chronological information about his/her life and personal experience. Obviously, this trend developed seriously. Modern bloggers inform, educate, entertain and even manipulate users. They cover nearly every important topic that is urgent in the world. It is possible to say that a blog is a kind of mass media, because very often bloggers share relevant information faster than official federal TV channels do.

Blogging gained its popularity in the first part of 2000s, when politicians started creating their own blogs. Naturally, it is interesting to read a blog created by Barack Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

People can become closer to their favorite politicians and celebrities. Every famous person understood that she could attract attention to her personality with the help of the Internet and blogging in particular. In 2004, nearly every important and influential newspaper, magazine, TV channel, company, etc. created its own blog. It is possible to say that this year was a crucial moment in blogging. We can speak about the origin of group blogs. A company hires a group of writers who write a blog about its activity on the market. Blogging becomes a tool for making money. Big companies advertise their goods and services and attract clients with the help of their blogs.

In conclusion, blogging plays a very important role in modern life, because you are able to get to know about current news, new products, new movies, music, technologies, etc. if you follow well-organized blogs of several ambitious authors.

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