Sunday, January 31, 2016

Essay about Being Respectful

Do you always respect other people when they try to help you? How do you understand the meaning of the term ‘respectful’? Do you try to respect your close people? In my opinion, respect is one of the noblest feelings. Respect is a very important element of friendship, devotion and love. It does not worth mentioning that very few people deserve your respect. It is very difficult to express this feeling sincerely. I would like to write about my own understanding of respect, because this issue is very relevant and thought provoking.

The state of being respectful means that you trust another person and you are always ready to help her. Her point of view is important to you and you try to pay attention to her remarks and decisions. 

You are ready to learn something new from this person, because you believe that she is wise, mature and logical. Overall, you try to follow her, because you understand that in some ways she is better than you are.

When you read this simple explanation, you will understand why we respect the elderly people. They are mature, they have their own point of view and their knowledge is deeper than yours. We always listen to their advice and we believe that their solution of the problem is always better. When we respect someone, this person has solid reputation. You treat such people as equals. You can present your personal opinion about the specific problem and you are ready to accept the point of view of the person you respect.

I believe everyone should learn how to be respectful from the earliest years of life. When a child goes to school, he should respect his teachers and classmates. The child should understand that a teacher is a mature and omniscient personality. The teacher knows a lot and he can solve practically any problem. At school, children learn to live in a group and fulfill their duties in teams. Naturally, young people learn to respect their group-mates, because they are responsible for the common task. This basic knowledge of being respectful is very important for the development of a socially active personality.

Respect is a very important element of Christianity and any other influential religion. When we look at the Ten Commandments, we will see that they are based on nobility and respect. A respectful and noble person will never steal, murder or lie.

As I have written, respect is closely connected with trust and love. However, one cannot use trust and respect as synonyms. These terms have similar meanings but their roots are different. You can trust people, which you respect and disrespect. Very often, we respect evil and rude people, though we do not trust them. When we respect someone, we see that he has his firm position and point of view about everything. It is impossible to impose your mind on him. He is evil but he believes into his words and actions. You can trust your neighbor but you will not respect him, because he does not have his own opinion about anything. You can respect your colleague but you will not share his point of view about the definite problem, because your personal mind is different. Nevertheless, you respect this person and her authority. I should say that respect is closely related with love. The latter cannot exist without respect. If you do not respect your beloved person, you do not actually love her. 

Consequently, respect is an integral part of love but not vice versa. You can respect a person but you do not have to love her.

In conclusion, respect is a very important feeling, which can serve as the foundation of the social relations. People coexist due to such categories as love, trust and respect. When you want to find your place in the human society, you ought to learn to respect others.

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