Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Field Trip Essay Sample

Do you like field trips? Would you spend a night in a tent? How would you behave if you were attacked by a wild beast? Doubtless, field trip is a specific and original way of spending free time. 

Everyone enjoys field trips, because this way of entertainment helps one learn about the peculiarities of the natural environment. Moreover, it is a good chance to spend time with friends and learn how to survive in the wild. I was lucky to spend a week with my classmates in the wild. Our teacher organized a short trip in order to help us work in a team. Furthermore, he wanted to help us develop our leadership skills. I would like to say a few words about our field trip, which united our class and demonstrated our hidden potential.

Our teacher Mr. White decided to organize a trip to the mountains. Our town is situated near numerous picturesque sights; therefore, everyone understood that this short trip would be successful. 

We had to prepare for the trip in advance. I decided to purchase the most important things, which would help me spend my time in the wild with pleasure. To begin with, I bought a tent. 

Unfortunately, I have never lived in a tent; therefore, I did not know how to make it correctly. I hoped that Mr. White would help me cope with this challenge. Then, I thought about a sleeping bag. It was autumn and it was already cold. I realized that one could not purchase food in the forest; so I decided to take a few items for cooking. Of course, I took a large water bucket and thermos, because it is impossible to survive without water. Next, I took a plate, knife, fork, spoon and tongs. I did not forget about a cup and matches. I put on my boots, took a few towels and I was ready for the trip.

We left the town early in the morning and spent three hours in a bus. Then, we went on foot along the mountain river. I admired the picturesque views of the river and the surrounding location. Frankly speaking, it was hard to carry my heavy bag with the whole equipment. Fortunately, my friend Michael helped me carry our tent. He did not bother about his own equipment; therefore, I had to share my stuff with him.

I was lucky to learn how to build a campfire professionally. Mr. White taught us how to pick the proper branches and how to make them burn intensively. Moreover, I got to know how to cook a soup on an open fire. I should say that this soup was tastier than the one cooked in common way. Finally, we learnt how to make a tent. This job is quite complicated and I spent more than an hour to make my tent successfully.

I should say that our field trip was educational, because Mr. White planned every day intensively. 

Firstly, we learnt how to read a compass and how to use it with advantage. Years ago, I did not understand the usefulness of a compass but now I know how to deal with this item. Secondly, we devoted much time to the study of birds and other small animals, which could be seen nearly. Our teacher told us about hares, partridges, wild boars, deer, falcons and fish. I could not imagine that my native place contains so many species of wild animals and birds. Mr. White said a few words about the protection of these species and informed us how to behave when we saw a boar or a bear.

Although our field trip was very short, I was glad to return home and admire the advantages of civilization. I must admit that it is hard to live in the wildlife and I cannot imagine how our ancestors managed to survive in such challenging conditions.

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