Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Essay: Is It Fair to Rely on First Impressions?

Should people rely on their intuition? Is it fair to judge people relying on your first impression about them? What is the first impression? To my mind, the first impression is the involuntary and instinctual opinion about the person we meet for the first time. In this case, we pay attention to her appearance, mimics, gestures and her manner of conversation. When we look at a stranger, we are able to say whether we like him or not at once. Doubtless, the first impression is very subjective, because we evaluate a person relying on our preferences, idols and prejudices. Very often, the people who were unpleasant for us become our best friends and our true love. Consequently, it is not always fair to rely on first impressions.

It is possible to observe the problem of first impressions from the side of psychology. Everyone has his own idols and personal image of a good and bad person. We imagine the definite set of qualities, which can characterize a kindhearted and reliable person. When we see someone who possesses these qualities, we think that this person is positive automatically. Then, appearance is very importance for first impressions. Everyone will agree with me that a beautiful woman is associated with positive attitude towards life, joy, purity and kindness. Beautiful people are always at advantage, because they attract attention of others and seem to be better than they are in reality. On the contrary, when one cannot boast of his appearance, he is often neglected and treated like a second-rate person. It is possible to say that our mind helps us recognize positive and negative people. To my mind, it is the result of evolution. I can compare the first impression with smell. Before we consume food, we always smell it. Our nose is a magnificent device, which can help us differentiate a fresh product from a spoilt one. Our eyes and mind work in the similar way. They help us differentiate nice and unpleasant people.

The first impression is very powerful and it can spoil the entire attitude towards a stranger. You should bear in mind that negative qualities are remembered better. For example, a handsome man enters the room after a long walk in the rain. His hair, clothes and shoes are dirty. Unfortunately, this man will be remembered as an untidy person who does not bother about the condition of his appearance.

We should understand that the first impression can be spoilt in the definite situation. When you are having the first date, you ought to choose the best place and time for it. This successful background will help you look better in the eyes of your guest.

In my opinion, it hard to say that the first impression is always fair. Although our intuition helps us identify good and bad people, we must not listen to our inner voice all the time. Most often, out negative first impression was spoilt by the entire situation. Someone was in his bad humor and looked like a brutal person. If you get to know this man better, you will understand that this behavior was exceptional. His regular behavior is completely different. His rudeness and impoliteness were accidental. On the contrary, when one seemed to be a sincere and smart person, he turned out to be a hypocrite. Unfortunately, it is hard to define the actual character and intentions of an unknown person. Very soon, we require much time to remove the mask from the people we know little.

The first impression is a very disputable topic, because in many cases this impression is invalid. Doubtless, we ought to pay attention to the appearance, communication and body language of an unknown person but we will know about her real character and regular behavior only when we spend much time with her.

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