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Sample Essay on Homeopathy

Do you believe in the healing power of plants and minerals? Is it possible to cure a disease with the help of homeopathy? Homeopathy is the practice of using plants and minerals for the treatment of human illnesses. This kind of alternative medicine is very controversial, because many supporters of the regular medicine criticize homeopathy for its irregular approach towards treatment. On the other hand, millions of people devote their health towards homeopaths. Very often, they manage to cure complicated diseases, which cannot be cured by the means of the regular medicine. I will observe the problem of homeopathy in detail in order to understand its usefulness for the human health.

Homeopathy is the most ancient kind of medicine. Thousands of years ago, people cured their illnesses with the help of plants and minerals. This practice was popular several hundred years ago. 

Moreover, this approach exists in many countries even today. People have known about the healing power of various plants for thousands of years. Nearly everyone knew about the qualities of the definite herbs, vegetables and fruit and their impact on the human health. They noticed that some herbs, roots and leaves helped with the treatment of cold; others helped one improve his eyesight.

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Some herbs were used to heal wounds and cope with the problems with digestion. It is impossible to reject the fact that many plants have the definite influence on the condition of the definite organs of our body. No wonder, Samuel Hahnemann created his own doctrine of alternative medicine in the 18th century. This doctrine was based on the qualities of the definite minerals and plants and their impact on human health. According to Hahnemann, if a plant causes a symptom of a disease in a healthy person, it is able to cure this symptom in a sick person.

Although homeopathy is a pseudoscience, millions of people believe into this Hahnemann’s doctrine. 

This pseudoscience is becoming more and more popular nowadays, because many people decide to change their lifestyle consuming healthy food and producing ecologically safe products. They believe that natural approach towards treatment is reasonable. The main idea of homeopathy is to stimulate human immune system with the help of the natural irritant. The quantity of the irritant is increased systematically until human immune system manages to cope with it. Nowadays, homeopathy is very popular for the treatment of different kinds of allergies.

The absolute number of homeopaths say that it is important to apply the holistic approach towards the process of treatment. Human body is a complex system, which consists of numerous organs, which cannot exist without one another. When there is a weak organ, the performance of the surrounding organs is reduced. Consequently, if you want to cure a disease, you ought to heal the entire organism, because our body is a system. No wonder, an average course of treatment can last for several months and years. Homeopaths try to influence the entire organism but not the definite illness. Their aim is to improve our immune system, which will be able to fight the disease in the end.

Frankly speaking, one can find sense in the holistic approach of homeopathy. On the other hand, many patients claim that the condition of their health is reduced under the effect of the pills and mixtures created by homeopaths. Many countries do not recognize homeopathy as a kind of medicine. Nevertheless, such countries as the UK, France and Luxemburg provide homeopaths with the license of a physician. In India, homeopathy is considered to be the element of the national system of medicine.

Homeopathy is a very interesting and controversial topic for analysis. Some experts say that homeopathy is a pseudoscience. Others say that homeopathy has the right for existence. In my opinion, homeopathy is able to focus on the definite illnesses and disorders but it will not help to fight complicated diseases.

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