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Descriptive Essay on Trees

Sample Essay about Trees

A tree is a perennial plant having an upright woody main stem, and trees are tallest plants at maturity.

A tree differs from a shrub in that it usually produces a single main stem or trunk. Trees are grouped into two different categories, which are deciduous trees, and evergreen trees have two common leafs. The first leaf is a needle leaf, which is a tough, narrow, or scale-like leaf. The second leaf is a broad leaf angiosperm, which is most common in tropical areas, but found in temperate areas also. Deciduous trees are broad-leaved and lose their leaves every year. In the U.S., native trees belong to about 850 species that are classified to 222 genera and 69 plant families. Tree species make up about 3.5 percent of the plant species found in the U.S.

The first type of wood we will burn is the black cherry tree. The black cherry tree grows from Nova Scotia to Minnesota, south to central Texas, and east to Florida. It is a native from southern New Mexico and western Arizona south to Guatemala.

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This tree is moderately long-lived, and grows a large fruit crop every three to four years. The type of wood this tree has is a heavy, hard, reddish-brown color, and is a very valuable furniture wood. The tree is approximately 40-60 feet tall, with a narrow to rounded trunk. The diameter of the tree is about 40 inches.

The second kind of tree we will be burning is the white oak. This tree is widespread across eastern North America from southern Canada to northern Florida. This tree's wood is heavy, hard, and strong. Its color is light brown, and it's used for furniture, finish, and ties. This tree is very long living. It can live up to 600 years old. Its height is about 80-100 feet high, and its diameter is about 50 inches.

The third type of tree we will burn is the sugar maple tree. This tall tree is among the best known tree in eastern North America. Sugar maples are native to Nova Scotia, south to northern Georgia, and west to eastern Texas and Minnesota. These trees grow rapidly for the first 35 to 40 years and usually reach maximum height at 125 to 150 years of age. Its height is about 60-80 feet tall, and its diameter is about 36 inches.

The fourth variety that we will be burning is the eastern white pine tree. This tree is distributed widely across northeastern North America. It also occurs here and there in Mexico and Guatemala. This tree is one of the most valuable trees in North America. In the mid to late 1700s and 1800s, this wood was used to build ship masts, bridges, homes, shingles, and inexpensive furniture. The length of the cone varies from about four to eight inches long. Its height is about 98-230 feet tall. Its diameter is about 40 inches.

The last tree we will burn is the eastern Red-cedar tree. This tree occurs from southern Maine to northern Florida, and to southern Mississippi. The cedar is a moderate to slow-growing tree that may live to be 1,000 years old. This type of wood is widely used where durability rather than strength is required. Its height is 65-92 feet tall. Its diameter is about 36 inches.

The rings inside a tree trunk are very important. When you cut the tree down, you can examine the rings in a tree acquire information. When the rings are close together, it shows that the growth of the tree was slow that year. However, when the tree's rings are apart, it shows that the rate of growth was faster. Fibrous bark is made up of dead cells. When a tree gets older its trunk gets larger. Every year most of nature tree trunks increase by roughly one inch. As the trunk dries, a crack starts to appear. Also, if there is a "v" shape in the rings, that shows that a branch grew at that point. Finally, if there is a gash or scar in the rings, that indicates that a fire had damaged the tree.

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