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Essay on Magician

Essay on Magician

Pearson's heroic process begins with the Innocent and doesn't end until it has reached the Magician archetype. This essay will show various examples to demonstrate the lessons and how the accomplishments of one archetype provide a path to the next archetype. Discussions will include the Orphan, Wanderer, Warrior, Altruist, Innocent before the fall and Returned Innocent, and the Magician.

The first aspect of an orphan is the fall. An orphan accomplishes the fall when he moves out of "innocence and denial and learns that suffering, pain, scarcity, and death are an inevitable part of life." A fall can be something as simple as getting fired from work, after 30 years on the job. After an orphan has experienced a fall more often then none there will be a rescue. A rescue comes in a very crucial time when the Orphan realizes that first we must fall from innocence so that later we can return to it at a more sophisticated and less childish level. An Orphan falling from innocence is just the first step in the heroic journey.

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The second step into the heroic journey is the Wanderer stage. "The first job of the Wanderer is to develop true sight: to declare or acknowledge that the cage is a cage and the captor is a villain." This mean that if the Wanderer is captured his knowledge would help to realize that he is being held without his will. This is very important because the Wanderer begins his stage in captivity, and is trapped and looking for a way out. For a Wanderer it isn't very easy because of fear being punished for doing something that they want or die alone and friendless. A Wandered is just the second step in the heroic journey.

The third step into the heroic journey is the Warrior stage. "In most Warrior archetype plots, the hero goes through a series of life-threatening adventures." Pearson said, "But the hero never gives up. Instead, he or she demonstrates strength, courage, and ingenuity in fining a way to triumph over seemingly impossible odds." The Warrior also loves competition, in which he or she must come out on top. One of the levels of warrioring is ruthlessness, in which a Warrior shows o mercy to the opposition. Warriors also fight for what they want or believe in. Pearson stated that a Warrior fits well with the male figure. The Warrior is the third step in the heroic journey.

The fourth step in the heroic journey is the Altruist. An Altruist is a person who does things for the welfare of others and not for personal gain. A perfect example of an Altruist would have to be Mother Teresa. She fit the definition of an altruist because she helped the poor and the sick without asking to get paid for her gifts to people. Also, Pearson stated that a typical Altruist is most likely a female figure, whose biggest emotion is love. Using love, an Altruist is a much better and caring person who would do things for the sake of others well being. The Altruist form is the fourth step in the heroic journey.

The fifth step in the heroic journey is the Returned Innocence. A Returned Innocent is a person who "is able to inspire hope in others because they know it is possible to have peace, humane, just, and caring world." A good example of a Returned Innocent would most likely be a person who has overcame a difficult task in life, something like cancer, or was brought back to life after he was flat lined. There are two types of Innocence. First, an Innocent before the fall shares a few of the same aspects as a Returned Innocent. The aspects that are shared are openness, and trust. When a Returned Innocent returns he/she is now independent, unlike the Innocent before the fall who is dependent. The Returned Innocent is the fifth step in the heroic journey.

The sixth and final step in the heroic journey is the Magician. A Magician is a person who has the power and knowledge of all the other archetypes. The Magician is also very confident person who speaks the truth even if it might hurt the person who it's about. Magician archetype is the last archetype that can be acquired and it's also the most powerful. The Magician also shares the views of the world and peace. The Magician is the greatest of all archetypes, it posses all the power and knowledge of the other archetypes.

The world revolves around growth, which is exactly what Pearson's book The Hero Within is about, the growth from one archetype to the next. In the beginning it's an Orphan and when all the lessons have been learned and all the knowledge is acquired it's the Magician. There cannot be one without the others. These archetypes provide a way of life to live by and recognizing dragons that are in our everyday life.

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