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Essay on Madonna

Essay on Madonna

The research question for the presentation is based on the idea of Madonna as a pop icon and whether she portrays an image of being an Anti-feminist or not. Madonna image is one that can be described as sexy, erotic and controversially vulgar. We can depict such images from her performances, lyrics and mostly from the image that the media portrays of the famous pop icon. The three main components behind Madonna and her work is her image portrayed, lyrics and symbolic menaing behind her music.

I would like to focus on one of Madonna's famous songs titled "Like a Virgin." (Please view appendix 1) these lyrics clearly highlight a sense of innocence, the need of a male figure and it blatantly enforces the aspect of sexuality, through the title of the song, "Like a Virgin," Which Madonna clearly is not. From listening and reviewing Madonnas music it seems that the themes represented in her music cover wilderness and survival, sexuality as mentioned before, romance, religion and urban survival. All these themes create a sense of character to the pop icon and some kind of identity for listeners and viewers of her performances.

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We can question whether Madonna is a commodity for feminism or not. It would be correct o state that Madonna commodifies herself to accentuate her trademark image of a sex symbol, someone that represents the exploitation of women and the subordination of men. Madonna has the ability to seduce the media through her appearance. Thus making her an attraction to her audience.

After researching in the pp icon and examining her character and aim as a pop icon it wuld be interesting to question whenter Madonna can be classified as an icon that represents te ideology of Anti-Feminism. It is eveident that Madonna conforms to the ideology of patriarchy, she practices patriachla control, and sees into dfeminine resistance, Madonna clarly portrays a sense of individuality.

Madonna can best be described as a role model to her fans. She portrays an image that fulfills the wants and needs of her fans. Nvertheless we can assume that Madonna plays a role that is oiut of her character. She is simoly an icon that creates music and entertainment for the media. This is so becise the possibility of Madonna portraying a false identity and creating a certain culture seems eveident. Does Madonna create acts of feminism thrugh and act of mockery to cater to her audience? Or is Madonna a true feminst? Or can she be labaled as an antifeminist?

Madonna the queen of the world of mass media. Madonna has the ability to accentuate her talent through her music, performance, books and image. Madonna is an extremely popular pop icon not only with todays generation but from before, when she was first discovered throughout the media industry. In the 1980's.

Our group decided on choosing Madonna as our research target because she is one of the most famous celebrities in the world, who portrays figures of В"empowerment" for the female gender as well as ethnic minorities, gays and lesbians. Madonna can be sen as a postmodern cultural icon, her performances challeng the traditional definition of women through keeping control over her life and career.

The definition of feminist and feminism
According to The Collins English Dictionary, 2000, the word Feminist is a noun which is a supporter of the word Feminism, Feminism is a doctrine or movement that advocates equal rights for women. But it is just a brief definition only.

After complting our presentationa dn collecting all the relevant research to complete this topic it is eveident that Madonna does not qyalify as a genuine feminist. She seems to fit the role for a capitalist. From Madonna performance we can perceive that Madonnas main concern like any other pop icon, is to gain the popularity between her fans. The successful pop icon, acccentutes elements of equality between the different sex roles She does this throough her, lyrics, movies and character. Madonna aims to attract the female gender and at the same time provokes tem into beliebving and identifying themselves to Madonna. Nevertheless Madonna does also cater to the male gender. We see this though her sexualty, eroticism and also through her many other performance. This is simly a way to prove autonomy, She does this through indirectly entertaining and pleasing the male gender.

Therefore in conclusion, from our research our group has discovered that ,Madonna has exploited a successful marketing strategy that enables her to be labled as a profitable and successful pop icon.

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