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Essay on Vandalism

Essay on Vandalism

In the late 60's, early 70's, graffiti sub culture is appearance frequently in some main cities of The U.S. Then the graffiti sub culture began to filtrate throughout the world, due mainly to its association within the hip-hop culture. In the major cities of Australian, the graphitic artistes also doing their work round the cities. Is graffiti a real culture and can affluent in art categories or it only is a kind of vandalism and always effect people's life?

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The definition of art is "expression or making of something beautiful; subjective to taste and values that it will be debatable". By no means, is graffiti is not a form of expression. In fact, it is one of the most expressionistic art form there is. It could directly express what the artist's thinking and desire. Graffiti is not art or literature in the conventional sense of the term, but it is an expression of people's inner feeling, and therefore just as expressive and even more raw, than polished art. Graffiti existed in the Greek and Roman Empires of ancient times. "Pompeii Hadrians Villa at Tivoli, The Doums Aurea of Emperor Ner In Roma, which have been inherently known for their beauty and novelty, yet graffiti exists there." Although, most people misunderstand graffiti, absolutely, it is a form of art, and it can affluent in art categories.

Graffiti is created by ordinary people, not just scholars or professional artists, which means that it often consists more of everyday thought and idea which can related to everyone, if everyone would take the chance to try and understand the meaning behind the writing on the wall. So, it also is the most random art, which don't need so much limit and rules.

The argument against graffiti that it is effect people's life a lot. Although, the graffiti artists use this form of arts to show their art faculty, there are some Vandal use graffiti to abreact their angry, and they even mince the people whom they hated or angry with. As a result these, the Vandal's graffiti means that gangs are moving into their neighborhood , sometimes with crime . So, in psychologically it makes people feel unsafely and fear. In addition, graffiti also affect the economy a lot. Graffiti is always appeared in the area, which are not so develop, and lack of security. "According to the National Association of Realtors, perpetuity, located in neighborhood where there is graffiti vandalism loses 25% of their value." Resident often per airs the appearance of graffiti and pass by a sign that a downward spiral has began, even though this may not be true.

Every year, the government spends a lot in cleaning up the graffiti. "There is Hugh public costs associated with graffiti, an estimated $12 million a year is spent cleaning up graffiti in the U.S." Government using a great deal of manpower and financial resources to put and end to graffiti vandalism.

To conclusion, graffiti is an expressionistic form of art. However it affect people's lives from psychology and economy. As a result, graffiti sub culture should be control under government management and make graffiti as a "real" culture in people's mind.

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