Monday, March 12, 2012

Essay on My Three Wishes

Essay on My Three Wishes

Last night when sitting at home watching my usual choice of bad TV I started thinking about wishes. What is a wish? Basically, “a wish” is a hope or desire for something. Additionally, the word “wish” has some kind of fictional connotation. In literature opportunities for making wishes that will come true are themes that are widely used. In realty, many cultures have a tradition to make wishes in various circumstances and expect them to come true. Such occasions can be making a wish when blowing the birthday candles, seeing a shooting star at night, or being the last one to drink from the wine bottle.

Suddenly I realized that we are constantly making wishes. Thus, I sat down and decided to concentrate on formulating mine. I am a young man, twenty-seven years of age, who is majoring in Business Accounting. Currently I am studying at the community college, though I am planning to transfer to a four-year college the coming fall. What can I wish for? The regular things a young ambitious male active in his studies would wish for.

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My first wish would be to get an amazing, fulfilling and motivating job after college. The company I am wishing to work at is JP Morgan that is the world’s leading provider of financial services (JP Morgan’s Website). I feel that I would fit into the environment of this company that is why it is my first wish to be working there.

The second wish I came up with is the wish to obtain successful and high-class education. Currently, I am planning to start studying at the four-year college majoring in the finance. I wish that I would be able to make the best out of my college years and when I finish my studies I will be able to come up with innovative ideas that might help to solve the problems put by financial crisis. I am certain that in four years when I graduate from college we will still experience the aftermath of the financial crisis. Consequently I would like to be the person helping the world cope with the aftermath by means of my knowledge, motivation and financial feeling.

My third wish is as follows, I wish that I will be able to combine the professional success with personal achievements. I am a person who values the family ties and who knows the importance of loving and being loved. Thus, my third wish is to find a wonderful woman with whom I will be able to share my plans and abolitions. This should be a woman who would stand by my side in good and bad times, a woman who would be willing to share my achievements and failures.

Having completed my list I realized that in my case my wishes may come true with the determination and motivation I possess. Certainly, I am not sure they will come true, though what I am sure about is that I will do everything for them to.
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