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Personal Ethical Dilemma Essay

Analyzing Ethical Dilemma using Personal Experience

This paper analyzes the ethical dilemma that I’ve experienced as a result of standing for my principles, and evaluates the choices that were in the light of this dilemma. I first saw Abeo when I transferred to a new school couple of years ago. My parents moved to a new town and I had to go with them even though it was the last thing on my mind at that time. I was very upset and it seamed that the world came to an end without all my good friends and without all of the girls that I used to chat with. I was very skeptical about this new school because it was an ordinary institution of the small town that could not be even closely compared to my former private school in a big city. As I have already mentioned, I was in a less than satisfactory mood and didn’t plan to make friends or talk with anyone.

Nevertheless, I have completely changed my opinion when I saw her. Abeo was absolutely gorgeous, stunning, a dream- girl for any teenager in the school. She was not in a hurry and I decided to take my chances straight away. She was a bit reluctant to communicate at first, but when I told her where I came from, this girl started expressing more interest in me.

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It seamed that we talked for a few seconds only but more than half an hour has passed. She promised to see me after classes because we were in different groups and Abeo was in her Junior Year in school. I couldn’t wait until the end of the day to finally have a perfect chance of talking to her. She was not alone when I approached her in the schoolyard after the classes were over. Two boys were standing and talking to her. “Who are you?”- boldly asked me one of those boys when I came closer to the group. “It’s one of my new friends, I met him today”- answered Abeo with a sweet shyness trembling in her voice. I was going to introduce myself but the boys pushed me in the chest and I fell on the ground that very moment. They were kicking me with their feet and laughing at me. I am used to physical pain as I was in boxing for over 3 years, but I still felt very poorly due to the fact that they humiliated and physically abused me in front of the girl that I liked so much.

The events that took part next day brought lots of troubles and personal regrets into my life afterwards. I have changed my opinion later on, but the idea of revenge seamed to be very appropriate at that time. After they left me lying on the ground that day, I slowly regained self-control and tried to gather my thoughts into one considerable as well as reasonable bunch. I decided not to go to the principal or head teacher to report this incident, but to wait and fight these boys one by one next day. I came very early to school the day after the incident occurred and was quietly sitting in the hole-way. I didn’t think twice before running one of my offenders on the ground and hitting him furiously in the face with all my strength and skills that I had when I saw him alone. He was heavily bleeding in some time because I broke his nose and almost smashed his forehead against the door. Pupils who were passing by became horrified by the amount of bloody mess that soon appeared around us. Somebody called security that arrived very fast and finally pulled us apart.

Needless to say, I spent the next 5 hours in the principal’s office trying to explain my motives for nearly killing the “poor guy” who, of course, mentioned nothing of kicking me in the head with his feet the previous day. I called Abeo to be my witness, but she refused to testify against those two boys because they were her old time friends and one of them was her former boyfriend. She decided not to take any part in this whole process and I was left to defend myself as a result of such an unfortunate mishap. The principal didn’t believe my story and was put on probation for 3 months.

The ethical dilemma is that I have been punished twice and both of the times completely unjustly. The first time I was kicked for merely trying to make friends with a girl whom I liked and the second time I was put on probation for standing up and defending my principals. I have learned my lesson and would not act so foolishly if this situation occurred again, but I was never able to recover from this notion of being punished unjustly when I was the actual victim of the offence.
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