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Marketing and Consumer Essay

Marketing and Consumer Decision-Making Process Essay

The best way to identify consumers’ particular behavior is by practical implementation or research of the individuals’ buying habits and preferences. One of the methods used by marketers that involves smallest cost, but nevertheless enables one to reach important and vital conclusions on the matter, is going to a local grocery store and recording his or her usual purchasing list, paying special attention to the patterns and brands of behavior. Such procedure will help individual form necessary skills of understanding the complex structure of buyers’ statistical behavior and discrete programs and methods that lead to apprehending of those issues in its core stage.

In other words, practical experience, even the most superficial and simple one, is one of the best training methods because it enables a person to see or grasp the whole picture of important events that take place in positioning, targeting and segmenting of the particular market.

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First, a marketer needs to record the number of various brands that this individual hops through and then an observation should be made, which will include the definition of this man or woman preferences within the selected range. For instance, marketers usually divide all products into 4 groups: 1. Cereals. 2. Sodas. 3. Bread. 4. Ice Cream.

1. There are usually seven different brands of cereals in the regular grocery store that one goes to. Three or four kinds are, as a general rule, well recognized and known by the customers; whereas other two are represented by smaller, “yet to become big” or developing companies that are trying to push their product on the market. This is achieved by offering similar cereals at a lower price (e.g wal- mart brands) or by creating an engaging and bright advertising campaign with the aim of gaining potential consumers who will be prepared to switch to their particular product (cereals in our case).

2. There can be found twelve to fifteen various brands of soda in the local grocery store. Such great diversity is explained by the great popularity of the soft drinks and the corresponding variety that is produced by such companies as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company. As it was described above, there are a number (four or five) of less recognized brands that are not as heavily advertised and promoted by the means of mass media or direct public commercialism.

3. One can allocate at east nine eleven various brands of bread in the store. These types are generally represented by simple loaf bread, but there are a couple of croissant- kind of bread and Danish bread on the shelves as well. People are usually less particular about buying a special kind of bread in this country due to the smaller popularity of this product in the common household.

4. Finally, there are sixteen types of ice cream brands in the grocery store Such variety is easily explained by great interest of people in the diary products and ice- cream in peculiar. The diversification is made by companies creating similar products under altered or distinct names in order to make customers believe that they are looking at a totally new brand. In reality, however, these sixteen brands are produced by two or three companies only.

After careful and scrutinized analysis, one can easily reach a conclusion about what specific brands of products he or she is most loyal to. For instance, one is able to determine that he or she usually purchase two similar brands of bread, four types of soda, one kind of bread, and two kinds of ice- cream. A person makes his or her choices according to personal preferences, which, of course, are greatly influenced if not formed by total advertising and promotion of certain brands such as Coca-Cola or Mountain Dew. Finally, an individual tends to seek the most variety in cereals due to the basic simplicity of the rudimentary product that makes typical consumers seek variety in test and packaging.
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