Thursday, March 1, 2012

University Admission Essay Sample

University Admission Essay Sample

Today we got accustomed to using such term as “leadership” and “team work”. It was not so before, however it the last couple of decades it became vital for a person to be different from others. 

Employers, school authorities, and even counterparts became to be interested in dealing with people who are not afraid to stand up and speak out, with people who are eager to take initiative and who are not afraid to be different from others. Additionally, though being ambitious and determined it is vital for an individual to be a team player.

In my opinion in order to be able to lead, one should be born with some set of characteristics peculiar to a leader, however, should be ready to work on developing leadership characters. From yearly years it became clear to me that I was willing to lead teams and work for the good of others. However, I was rather shy, that is why I had to nurture my leadership skills and overcome fears in order to reveal what I really represented.  Starting in Junior High School I began participating in various school projects, always trying to take initiative and contribute to the team I was working in. Two years in a row I was elected class president as well for many years I was a member of the school council.

After completing my first degree that was a major in…, I started working. That was the time when I had to fully reveal by leadership skills and, additionally, improve my abilities to work in teams. For three years I had been working in Dubai as a consultant (civil engineer). When working at …company I had engaged into few rather big projects in the framework of which I had a chance to put the theoretical knowledge I had acquired into practice. My job gave me a chance to see the importance of efficient team work. Many times it was impossible to complete projects unless the whole team was working together for the common good.

Subsequent to working with residential projects in Dubai I returned to India where I undertook to open my very own construction company. This was not an easy decision to make because I realized there had been many constrains on my way. For example, it was very uneasy to receive all the needed approvals from Indian bureaucratic authorities. Though, I was determined to succeed and I knew that the plan I had in mind could benefit not only me but those around me. The experiences of team-working that I had acquired when working in Dubai helped me built an effective team of my own and give all team-members a feeling of common mission.

Over the course of my life I have faced many challenges. I know how it is not to receive what is desired, I know how it is to be disappointed. Though, at the same time I also know that hard work and determination overcomes all the restrictions on one’s way. Moreover, I know that one can reach the heights only when working hand in hand with other people. I am certain that I would be able to contribute to the unique environment of your university and I am eager to participate in one of your team-based projects. Should you decide to include me into your first year study group, I would be honored to be part of the community of our university. 

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