Thursday, October 28, 2010

Short Essay on Drought

Sample Essay on Drought

In 1997, many countries experienced the harsh realities of the "El Nino" effect. This was the time when there was a drastic change in the weather system and many countries either faced severe droughts or floods. This was due to a fluctuation of the weather patterns in our environment.

Countries in Southeast Asia suffered serious consequences because of this. Regular monsoon seasons that were supposed to bring rains to the rainforests in Indonesia and other parts in the region did not occur. Many countries thus faced a drought, causing the ground to be dry and susceptible to forest fires.

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To make matters worse, the forest fires in Indonesia and Borneo resulted in a haze, which blanketed the whole region with smoke and dust particles. Due to a drought, there was not enough rain to putout the forest fires and winds were not strong enough to blow away the heavy dust particles that hung over the atmosphere.

Fortunately, countries in these regions did not face a severe water shortage due to conservation efforts undertaken. Water was used wisely and supplies were enough to last throughout the drought. Nevertheless, this has indeed taught us that environmental problems are no longer a country's affair. They go beyond boundaries and man-made borders.

The jungles and rainforests of many tropical countries are homes to many different species. The number and range of species living in these habitats are so wide and vast that many different species are still undiscovered.

Unfortunately, their job is greatly reduced due to deforestation that may have killed or annihilated the entire existence of a particular species even before they have been discovered.

Since ancient times, Man has cleared forests for agriculture and living space. What once used to be lush greenery have become cities and farms in just a matter of years or even months as technology advances. In just a matter of minutes, an has also chopped down trees that may have taken decades to become tall and strong.

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