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Essay on Niagara Falls

Essay on Niagara Falls

Niagara falls were formed 10,000 years ago in Ontario in Canada. This was a result of glaciers moving back to show the steep face of the mountain. This allowed the waters of Lake Erie to flow north, over the slope, to Lake Ontario. The steep face gradually eroded back toward Lake Erie, a process that has also formed the Niagara Gorge the Whirlpool Rapids and the Whirlpool. This is how Niagara Falls were formed.

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Niagara falls is the most well known waterfall in the world. As a result of this it attracts millions of tourists every year. There are many great hotels near the falls to witness this beautiful waterfall. However there are problems including traffic jams, crime and business problems like expanding industries.The Upper Course

The upper courses of the River Tees are all the features and activities done in the Source area. Here are mountain ranges with the highest being Cross Fell at 893m as I mentioned earlier. Also, there is another mountain with a peak of 775m. The lake flows from here where it slowly becomes the River Tees. There is a V-shaped valley in its early course, which holds many things.

A dam has been built here to form Cow Green Reservoir. This is a very important water supply for the towns further downstream. Farms are also in the v-shaped valley with the highest lying 370m above sea level. The ground is waterlogged so crops can’t be grown, but sheep are farmed there, spending most of their time on hillsides. This is also significant for the towns downstream as it is used for food purposes.

The climate in the upper course is quite awful. Precipitation reaches up to 1500mm a year with about 3 months snow cover. Also contributing to the bad weather is the fact there is barely any sunshine. Because of this, Whinestone waterfalls are formed. This happens when the river drops down a vertical step, as the Whinestone.

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