Saturday, October 30, 2010

Essay on Green Revolution in 500 Words

Short Essay on Green Revolution

The Green Revolution began in Mexico in the 1940’s for the main purpose of assisting underprivileged farmers increase their wheat production. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Norman Borlaug and others spent twenty years breeding high-yield dwarf wheat that resisted numerous plant pests and diseases and yielded two to three times more grain than traditional varieties.

The Green Revolution then expanded from Mexico to other countries such as Pakistan, India, and China where it successfully improved faming methods to help alleviate world hunger. Pakistan produced 8.4 million tons in 1970, up from 4.6 million in 1965 and India's production was 20 million tons in 1970, up from 12.3 million 1965.

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Now, the Green Revolution has expanded to the countries within Africa as these countries face a dramatic food crisis. The joint program in Africa called Sasakawa-Global 2000 has helped farmer with improved methods of farming such as choosing seed and controlling weeds but the main issue is the lack of transportation to transport the goods. The countries in Africa have the ability to double or triple the food production but lack the infrastructure and also are faced with poor soil and shortage of trained agriculturists. Another issue that the Green Revolution aided in was the topic of overpopulation threatening the food supply. Agricultural biotechnology is the solution to this issue and according to Borlaug is an essential tool in developing nations. This innovative technology is precise as well as less time consuming compared to other methods and can double or triple crop yields.

By using less land, biotech farming has less impact on the environment compared to conventional farming, which can destroy wildlife habitat when expanding the amount of cropland used. Due to the higher cost of biotechnology, governments are highly encouraged to help aid in this brilliant new method and address patents, education and research. In conclusion, the Green revolution has used better agricultural methods to increase crop yields due to the ever expanding world population and has aided numerous farmers in the developing countries throughout the world.

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