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Essay on Wayne Johnson

Essay on Wayne Johnson

In the article Make no Mistake about it, Wayne Johnson tries to point out the shocking things California school administration has done. In the article, Johnson uses fallacies and biased language to get his point across.

Wayne Johnson has been a valuable member to the California Teacher Association (CTA). During his forty years as an educator in California, he has been elected to the presidency of UTLA and CTA. Johnson began his teaching career at Hamilton High School, teaching social study in 1962 (Belcher).

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Education has to be the hardest field to work in for the amount of money that is given to them. Most teachers and administrators work forty hours plus a week, ten to eleven months a year. Educational administrators held 453,000 jobs in the year 2000. About nine out of ten administrators worked in primary, secondary, and college universities (educational administrations).

Johnson uses biased language. He states, "It is time to present a small roundup of outrageous administrative actions in California schools" The word "outrageous" creates a negative bias toward school administrations. Only a few schools qualified under the description –Ī–∑outrageous." In fact, most schools in California worked just like any other schools in other states.

Johnson commits the red-herring fallacy when he says, "This is taking lockstep teaching into the realm of science fiction or current history. I suspect that teachers in China also do pretty much the same thing." Johnson brings in irrelevant information. He mentions China out of nowhere in a school administrative essay, while China has nothing to do with school administration in California.

Johnson commits a non-sequitur fallacy. He writes, "In Burney, a first-year teacher faced a continuation class with 29 students. The principal, who supervised only four teachers, was not assigned to help this new teacher by taking some of the students to teach." It does not follow logically that the principal has to take some students to teach just because too many kids are in a class. Principals supervise teachers, not teach students. When the classroom becomes overcrowded, the principal should not teach either.

Johnson also commits another non-sequitur fallacy when he states, "A teacher and track coach in Ventura was fired from his coaching job by a new principal. What distinguishes this action is the fact that the year he was fired he was voted "Coach of the Year" in Ventura County." It does not follow logically that the coach lost his job just because he became the coach of the year. The district maybe fired him for other reasons such as budget deficit, child molestation, bribery, or even drunk driving.

California school administrators may do irrational things every now and then, but they keep the educational system running. Johnson feels indignant toward few incidents, but overall, California school administrators are people just like us.

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