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Essay on History of Iran

Essay on History of Iran

The revolution in 1979 brought some major changes to the way Iran functioned, especially the women. The fundamentalist government took over Iran, and began to change things. Women began facing repression, and they continue to face it.

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They are denied participation in public activities, education, employment and politics (Williams, pg.116). They are required to wear burqa’s, which is a head to toe covering for women so there body shape is not revealed. The though of the fundamentalist government was that women are physically, intellectually, and morally inferior to men (Williams, pg.117). In 1997, a stricter dress code was imposed on the women. Modern outfits such as skirts, and suits are not allowed, even underneath the burqa. Any other accessories are not permitted if they are glittery or showy. Their definition of women is the duty is to bear children, take care of the home, and provide comfort and satisfaction to their husbands.

Some of the rules enforced on the women are the hijab, which is the dress code, and is mandatory in all public places. They cannot use cosmetics, obtain a passport without their husband’s permission, and be in the company of men who are not relatives and many more. If any of these rules are not abided by, the punishments can include verbal abuse, 74 lashes with a whip, or imprisonment for one month to a year (Williams pg.117). When a lady is accused of sexual misconduct, it is legal for them to be stoned.

Women are thought to be incapable of making important decisions; therefore they are not permitted to be judges. Some women resist against these rules, and protest for their equal rights. One law use to be that they did not have custody of their children, but they fought for it and had a law passed that granted them some custody to the rights of their children. Within the government one can see a sufficient amount of corruption, an example of this is that in Islam temporary marriages are permitted, although the regime uses this as a way of having ‘prostitution’ seem legal in an Islamic way. They do this by having a temporary marriage for an hour, which allows them in their mind to have an official network of prostitution (Williams, pg.121). This is regarded as twisting the situation.

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