Monday, November 29, 2010

Essay on Smoking in Dubai

Essay on Smoking among Youth in Dubai

Smoking among youth of Dubai is a common place occurrence. Teenagers begin smoking for various reasons: depression, peer pressure, outside influences. This habit can be injurious to health as it can cause serious lung diseases and is also a casual agent in six of the major chronic diseases. I believe that the Government of Dubai needs to control smoking by increasing the age limit on cigarette sales, imposing heavy fines on underage smokers and banning smoking in public places.

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To begin with, I am going to state the three arguments to support my position. Firstly, the government of Dubai should increase the age limit on cigarette sales. Most teenagers turn to smoking because of unchecked access to cigarettes. Easy availability initiates smoking in teenagers. Secondly, the government should impose heavy fines on juvenile smokers. The introduction of a regulation like this would create a fear in underage smokers and in this way, they would not smoke. And lastly, Smoking should be completely banned in public places like malls, parks, beaches for example. In this way, children and non smokers are not exposed to passive smoking.

Next, I am going to put forward the counter-arguments as stated by my opponents. Firstly, teenagers who are of age can buy cigarette packs for themselves and for underage children as well. As a consequence, the age limit imposed on cigarette sales holds no significance. Secondly, with access to fake identification cards, checking underage smokers and imposing the fine becomes taxing. Sales people working at the stores cannot double check all customer identification. Finally, by banning cigarettes in all public places, adults of age who are allowed to smoke can no longer do so. This would create a problem for all adult smokers.

Now, I am going to break down my opponents views. Firstly, adults assisting in committing the felony can be charged with fines as well. In this way, no adult can be coaxed to help any underage smokers as they face a risk of being caught.

Secondly, if any adult wishes to buy a pack of cigarettes then he should have suitable identification cards. In order to ensure that the customer is not using a fake identification card, the customer should present a health card or a driving license as these cannot be faked easily. Finally, Smoking should be completely banned in public places. Adults, who wish to smoke should do so at home and in this way, not expose children to smoking. When the youth see strict enforcement of this regulation, they will realize that they might as well not get into the habit.

To conclude, in this essay on Dubai, I have given arguments for my position, looked at my opposition and refuted their counter-arguments. As I mentioned earlier in my introduction, cigarette smoking poses many serious health problems. Smoking amongst the youth in Dubai needs to be controlled. The government of Dubai can curtail smoking by increasing the age limit on cigarette sales, imposing severe fines on juvenile smokers and completely prohibiting smoking in public places.

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