Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Essay on Goals and Objectives

Essay on Goals and Objectives

Goals are set of beliefs that people give themselves to accomplish and feel that life has a meaning, a purpose, a value.

Having goals for some, gives them the answer they search for when trying to establish where they are in the world. Giving ourselves goals presents us with a much better understanding of how and why we do the things we do, giving a sense of direction and aspirations to look forward to. I say this about goals, because as I go through my life now, I can see that the things I would do and the reasons I would do them is to feel complete in the journeys I would take in my life. Those step to get there I call “Goals”.

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At a young age the disciplines that were installed in me by my parents, were all ways on how to prepare in the long journey we call life. From waking up on time, going to bed early, brushing the teeth, bathing, and last but not least also saying, “Please” and “Thank you”. These disciplines I think are what starts the formation of setting values for yourself and become ones goals. Goals for parents were to raise a good kid. What is a good kid? Well to parents, a kid that is well behaved, well mannered, respectful, and educated. This goal is probably the most challenging in a parents life. Children were not born with “How to Raise Children” manuals.

As an adult I have set goals for myself as a result of following the disciplines of my parents. Everything that I have has been achieved by me setting goals for myself. I set my mind into starting a goal and then before long I have achieved my goal. Who better says it then the Nike motto, “Just Do It!” I also have noticed for the goals I have not written out and plan, I generally do not achieve. And if I did, it was not the intended goal I wanted.

I have been in the business environment for the past 14 years, and I have seen that not only did I have goals for myself but so does a business. In order for a business to be successful set goals are required of you to create or to follow through. Being prepared for these goals requires a great deal of planning and teamwork. I have made major accomplishments at my company, and the feelings you get from doing this make you the proudest person around. I have built teams for the particular departments, I have taken the Marketing Department to a higher level, which I am in charge of and have help others set their goals and achieve them as well. Continuing and accomplishing these goals are one of the reasons I know that I am heading in the right direction to pursue my education.

My personal life has been a struggle within myself. I have all the necessary tools to be successful in my life, but I have chosen to wait. Wait for what? I wait or you could call it procrastinate certain goals in my life, for the very stupid reason or excuse I call fear. Fearing that I will fail, I know the saying,”To be successful you must have many failures...” But I choose to always play it safe. I have also noticed that the goals that I have achieve, I had a complete understanding of what it was I needed to do. I am getting a better sense on why I would do the things I do and to not fear. I need to figure my way of learning and how to apply it to the subjects.

Right now I have personal goals that are not being written down and planned because I feel that my biggest priority is to finish my education. My husband and I are very active people and for us to not be able to go to at least the gym for activity is something that is very hard to do. I have the full support of my husband, and I would probably have the support from family and friends, but I choose not to tell anyone about my educational goal. For the same fear that haunts me, the fear of failure, the fear of letting them down. I may eventually tell my loved ones, but for now I what to see how I do for the first year of school. That is a goal for me right now. I will be trying to strive to balance my work and education with the people in my life.

My education at the University of Phoenix is a major goal in itself. Learning from my many failures in the past in regards to my educational goals will able me to put into practice the many successes I will have during my schooling through the university. Now that I have an insight of what to expect, I feel that I will come out of this with a diploma in one hand and many friends in the other.

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