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Essay on Eleanor Roosevelt

Essay on Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt led a crusade for justice and decency. She battled for equality and power for woman. All subjects she spoke about back then are still relevant even today. For that reason alone made her a good communicator.

She was able to get herself heard by just talking with others. She was willing to talk, debate, and share her opinions with anyone who would listen. And she had quite a few opinions. Her principal message was that women should be equal to men in everyway. They should be able to have the right to vote also while in the work place be receiving the same amount of pay that a man is makes. She believed that women should not be discriminated against just because of there sex.

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She used her column in the Woman’s Democratic News to voice her on opinion on several different topics. While her husband was calling for “Cutting local government (Pg. 73)” which would limit the money spent on education and public services that people needed. Within her column she countered that this was the time to utilize government services instead of cutting them. She wrote that they should take from the “proper sources” and from “the people who are endowed richly with this worlds goods or such profits (73)”. She wanted people to become more aware of the way the government was spending there tax dollars. She also gave several chapters in her book It’s up to the Woman on federal and local investments.

Another topic she felt strongly about was that public health began with education. She advocated for the construction of local clinics and hospitals. She also was in favor of sex education in schools. She believed both boys and girls should be taught it. Within her column she called it “family planning’’.

She used press conferences to get her message to the public. These conferences were guided and had specific rules “No gossip, No leaks, and No scoops.” She only covered topics that she thought would be newsworthy. Eleanor spoke on trade unionism and better working conditions for all.

She also demanded the end of child labor. With a lot of work she and her colleagues were able to get a child labor amendment passed by congress.

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