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Essay on Flowers For Algernon

Essay on Flowers For Algernon

In the novel Flowers For Algernon, Daniel Keyes keeps the reader constantly entertained by adding subsequent details to introduce the main character, Charlie Gordon. During the beginning of the book, Charlie, at age 32, is intrigued to have surgery on his brain to make him learn like an average person. Charlie is a mentally challenged adult, who was giving away by his mother because they said he would never be smart. Now, he is working at Donners Bakery doing mostly janitor work for Mr. Donner. Dr. Strauss inspires Charlie to write progress reports to help with their studies. Professor Nemur and Alice Kinnian are also helping Charlie to fulfill his dream to be smart. Charlie is hungry for knowledge and he will not let anything cross his path that will keep him from his dream.

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After a few months of a constant battle, Charlie’s writing strategies start to become comprehensible to everyone who reads his progress reports. Everyone is in to help Charlie. His nurses after his surgery help him to spell words that are incorrect and Mr. Donner, at the bakery, tells Charlie he can do anything he puts himself up to. His friends at the bakery invite Charlie to a bar and a party at one of their houses. They pick on him and try to push girls onto him so they will make fun of him. The girls would tell them to back off and Charlie would always laugh along with the guys because he thinks they are just joking around. Charlie has a flashback from his childhood when he was playing hide and seek, and he realizes that all the people from the bakery were always picking on him and it causes him to get very upset at them, and leave the party.

Charlie wrote a letter to Professor Nemur to tell him what was happening inside of his body. It was a study of structure and function of increased intelligence. This was the surgery that the performed on Charlie. He was completed with him experiments and had stated a hypothesis: Artificially induced intelligence deteriorates at a rate of time directly proportional to the quantity of the increase. He was writing as much as he could to tell all about his reactions and experiments but time was running out. After Algernon passed, he buried him in his back yard in a small metal container. He goes to visit his mother at Marks Street because a dream triggered off a memory of her. His mother was shocked to see him and didn’t believe it was Charlie. She locked him out and caused him to cut himself on glass when he broke open the door. After talking with her and his sister, he made his way back to the city, to pay his last respects to everyone that contributed to the operation. Mrs. Kinnian wanted to spend as much time with Charlie as she could, but he denied her of that and made her leave him alone. He still loves her and wants to see her but he doesn’t want her to laugh at him. Charlie plans to leave to go to The Warren Home School. Charlie takes a couple of books with him just incase he wants to start to read again. He says goodbye to everyone and asks them, if the get a chance, to put some flowers on Algernon’s grave for him.

Overall, the book Flowers For Algernon was very inspirational. It not only taught me a lesson on how to treat certain people no matte what their educational status was, but also the importance of living in general. We all have our reason to be here and Charlie made a very important donation during his time here. By risking his life to see if an operation could make a person become smarter over time, science would always be completely different now because of “The Algernon-Gordon Effect.”

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